At Shea Homes we cut out the jargon

by Shea Homes Arizona on July 20, 2012

Nearly every industry or vocation has a definition of terms – a glossary of words used in the business for those who aren’t familiar.  Most of the time the terms are technical or better understood by those doing the work and the customer has to be educated on their meaning. 

Shea Homes stands out in the industry for many reasons and especially because we have adjusted terms to better fit our customer’s experience.  Very similar to how Disney views those who go to Disneyland – they are not visitors, patrons, customers or attendees – they are “guests.” 

Over the years as our superintendents, trades and sales teams have become fluent in this customer-oriented language, it’s become very clear when talking with someone if they have had interactions with Shea Homes because they speak our language. 

Here are just a few examples…

The home building industry tends to use terms like subdivision, tract, phase or project to describe where they build and sell homes.  The County Recorder uses tract and parcel so there are many forces pushing these terms into the everyday language of building homes. 

However, at Shea Homes, we think the best way to describe it is Community – a place where you and your family come to visit models, homes under construction and eventually live in your new home.  The fact is that people don’t live in tracts, phases or projects – people live in communities. 

Rather than using words like lot or unit, at Shea we always refer to the homesite you are visiting or that your new home is being constructed on.  Otherwise, it tends to make us think of a parking lot, storage unit or Big Lots.  Bet you never planned a vacation to visit Grandma’s unit for the Holidays! 

For years, Shea Homes has been “Building the Finest Homes and Communities in America.”   What if you heard: “building the finest lots and tracts in America?” It doesn’t sound like a builder even we would want to build a home with. 

Lastly, at Shea Homes, rather than just customer service, we offer Customer Care. Just think of Customer Care as Shea’s way to focus on you and how you feel about your Shea home. 

For example, we don’t wait for customers to call about a warranty issue, we pre-schedule appointments to walk the home instead, and we educate them about maintenance and look for opportunities to avoid any service issues. The Shea family of companies have been “Caring since 1881,” and we’re always on the lookout for what we can do to go far above just service. 

We’re proud to say, at Shea Homes, we not only speak clearly, we also follow through with Customer Care you can count on.

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