Your Home Buying Guide: How to find the home that’s right for you

by Shea Homes Arizona on January 17, 2014

Maybe you’ve always wanted to own your own home, and you feel like now is the right time to make that dream a reality. Maybe you own a home that doesn’t fit your family or lifestyle anymore, and you’re looking for a change. Or maybe you think you’re ready for home ownership, but you’re just not sure yet.

At Shea Homes we have created a Home Buying Guide to help make sense of the unfamiliar and to simplify the process of buying and building your new home.

We’ll walk you through it here on the blog, or you can venture on your own by visiting the Home Buying Guide yourself. With checklists, mortgage calculators and answers to frequently asked questions, our guide is a great way to get started and make sure you’re not overlooking anything.

The big question is often “Where do I begin?”

It all starts with a simple thought… we’re tired of renting; we need more space; we have too much space; etc. Whatever your reason, embrace this time to truly understand your motivation for moving. Create a wish list of items you desire to have in your new home.

Here are some questions you can answer to help focus your dreams, guide your search, and help you through the decision making process:

  • What part of the country or part of town would you love to live in?
  • Do you want more or less space than you have now?
  • Is your family going to grow soon?
  • Do you hope to host out of town guests?
  • Do you love entertaining?
  • Are your teens ready for a space they can call their own?
  • Are you tired of a kitchen that doesn’t allow you to chat with your guests while you prepare a meal?
  • Do you want more natural light?
  • Are you hoping to lower your energy usage and increase efficiency?
  • Are your kids or canine family members craving extra backyard space to run and play?
  • Do you need more storage space?
  • Do you want a lower maintenance yard?

As you dream, start exploring specific communities and homes. Knowing the reasons behind your desire for homeownership can help you know what to look for. As you start exploring what’s out there, here are some things to research:

  • The builder—Do they have a reputation for quality homes and quality service?
  • The neighborhood and community—What amenities does the community offer? Is it nearby quality school choices? Do your potential neighbors take pride in caring for their homes?
  • The home—Do the size and layout of the homes in the community meet your needs?
  • Affordability—Now is also the time to start looking into what you can afford. Want to learn more about home financing? Check out our Guide to Securing a Mortgage for step by step information.

Stay tuned on the blog for more in our series, Your Home Buying Guide, and visit us on YoutubeFacebook, Twitter and Pinterest for tips and updates from Shea Homes Arizona.


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