Reunion – A Great Investment for Tomorrow

by Sheri Troy on August 17, 2011


How much do we believe in Reunion being the next great community in northeast metro Denver?  We’re willing to stake $25 million on it.  Because Shea Homes has done this before, we know that creating a sustainable high quality of life pays dividends for years to come in higher home values for residents. 

 It Starts Big

With Shea’s $25 million investment in everything from the trails to the pool and cutting-edge recreation center.  Then it continues with a little convenience store, a gas station, a dry cleaner… and before you know it, you’re in a thriving community that’s creating a legacy – all while earning equity in your home.  Does this happen overnight?  No.  Of course not.  But it does happen.  And the folks who see it coming before it gets here are the lucky ones.  They are the visionaries who, by putting down roots now, have set something special into motion.

 Why ‘What” To Buy Is As Important As “Where” To Buy.

Traditionally, home values tend to be higher among those communities that offer neighborhood amenities like pools, rec centers, parks, trails, open space areas and golf courses.  In fact, according to the research firm of Robert Charles Lesser & Co., master-planned communities command anywhere from a 5-10% premium over conventional subdivisions.*  That’s why, when it comes to buying a home, ‘what’ to buy is as important as ‘where’ to buy.  Fortunately, with Reunion, you get a great ‘Where.”  Close to Denver International Airport, close to downtown-Denver, close to the Colorado lifestyle you love.  And of course the ‘What” you buy is a smart long-term investment.  One that Shea Homes has already invested in, and one where you will feel at home from the day you move in.

 Location. Location. Location. Oh, And Did We Mention Location?

So, if you’re shopping for a new home right now, where would you rather live?  In a subdivision of homes and nothing else?  Or a community that’s thoughtfully incorporated all the amenities that make a community great?  Are you going to pay a little more for it all?  Maybe.  But not as much as you’d think.  And here’s the point of to all of this.  At Reunion, there’s already been an investment of more than $25 million in the community.  So when you consider what you’re paying for your home, what you’re really getting are millions of dollars in community upgrades for next to nothing.  And what’s more, that little extra you’ve spent initially will come back to you one way or another – either through actually enjoying where you live, or with increased property values… or better yet – both.

 *According to Robert Charles Leser & Co., LLC  While not always the case, anecdotal information and select empirically-supported data suggest that well executed master-planned community projects can generate premium prices of 55 to 10% or more compared to the other projects in the market area.

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