The Meyers’ Journey to Mondrian by Shea Homes

by Sheri Troy on August 22, 2011

A few years ago, my wife and I were riding our bikes to downtown Mountain View when we noticed some new homes being built along Evelyn Avenue. At the time, we had just started realizing that we were outgrowing our condo and were thinking how nice it would be if we could move into something larger that felt more like a real house. Over the next several months, we followed the progress as the Mondrian model homes were being built. We always thought to ourselves: “What if?”

When the models were completed, we couldn’t wait to see them. Not really knowing what to expect, we were absolutely blown away by both the beauty and workmanship on the homes. When we saw the layout of the great room of the #3 floorplan, we were hooked. We made a decision that we would do everything we could to put ourselves into one of these homes.

Over the next several months we became quite familiar with Margaret and Michael from the Mondrian sales team. We even picked up a nice referral bonus when one of our good friends purchased a home at Mondrian after we mentioned she should stop by and check out the property. Throughout this whole process, we developed a game plan to get us into a good financial position for a new home purchase, but our goal always seemed so far away.

One random Sunday, we stopped by the sales office. As fate would have it, a unit containing the floorplan we wanted had just opened up. Margaret suggested we try to pre-qualify for the purchase and handed us the paperwork. Sure enough, we were approved!

The next six months flew by as we monitored the construction of our home, nailed down our financing and selected our interior options at the design center. Throughout this process the entire Shea team—Margaret and Michael in sales, Jamie from financing, Doug, John and the rest of the construction crew, the folks at the Design Center, EVERYBODY—was always available to support and assist us. Considering all of the hoops we had to jump through six years earlier when we purchased our condo, the thought of buying a brand-new home yet to be built was quite daunting, but everybody at Shea made this experience easy, stress-free and enjoyable.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in our new home for nearly a year. Of course, we love the location, layout and all of the design options we selected (along with the many compliments we always receive from our guests). But what we love most is the quality of the home. I can’t even begin to describe the secure feeling of living in a well built home. And we know that Shea stands by their product as they continue to deliver the most outstanding customer service we’ve ever experienced.

Without a doubt, this is the best purchase we’ve ever made and we look forward to many, many years of enjoying life in our Shea home.

To make your home in Mondrian just like the Meyers did, call us at 888-562-3906 to arrange a visit. Or stop by 10am – 6pm daily and Wednesday 2pm-6pm. We are located at 465 Chagall St., Mountain View, CA 94041.

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