The History of J.F. Shea Co., Part 4

by rachelk on September 6, 2012

As the J.F. Shea Co expanded and grew, they continually searched for new opportunities to better the company as a whole. In 1968 Shea made its most bold and influential move yet by moving into home building.

PBS Corporation, Shea Homes’ predecessor, was a joint effort between John Parker, Glen Brengle and John, Peter and Edmund Shea. It was agreed that the Shea’s would finance the endeavor and Parker and Brengle would run it. By the end of the first year PBS had 145 homes under construction and land acquisition in several Southern California counties.

In 1973 PBS Corporation moved to Walnut, California and in 1975 the name was changed to Shea Homes. The Shea Center in Walnut, CA is still home to the Shea’s corporate office.

Shea Homes continued to build new homes in Southern California but they strived to take their business national. In 1989 they expanded homebuilding to  Arizona, in 1994 they moved into North Carolina and in 1996 they were building homes in Colorado too.

In the coming years, the Shea family of companies would expand to include Shea Properties, Shea Mortgage, Shea Venture Capitol and J. F. Shea Construction. But, the backbone of the company remains in Shea Homes, one of America’s most trusted home builders.

The Shea’s still have a strong foothold in the company and they strive to build beautiful and safe homes while providing a level of honesty and trust only a family can offer. With such a rich history it’s hard to deny that a Shea Homes is a great place to start living.


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