Corporate Leadership and Culture Q&A: The Shea Homes Difference

by joshe on September 12, 2012

Robb Pigg’s career path to becoming Shea Homes Vice President of Operations actually started with him as a ski instructor in Mammoth Lakes, California, where snowless summers led to construction jobs that became careers in carpentry, construction management and finally, with a seat on the Shea corporate team. Robb, who joined Shea Homes in 1984, offers his perspective on what makes Shea Homes a unique company in the homebuilding industry.

Q: Shea Homes was named again this year by J.D. Power as a Customer Service Champion. How has the company remained on an exclusive list that rarely even includes homebuilders?

Robb Pigg

Robb: J.D. Power has its “5 Ps” — people, presentation, price, process and product – for evaluating companies. We basically have two main criteria for judging ourselves: Customer experience and product quality. The accolades we receive, and more importantly, the positive feedback we get from customers, are natural byproducts of those primary traits, and when we get those two pieces right, the rest falls into place.

Q: But there are a lot of moving pieces. Numerous operations in eight U.S states, different buyer groups, regional architecture, building codes. How does Shea keep everyone on the same page in terms of adhering to the core qualities?

Robb: Shea Homes is composed of various teams with talented people and great leadership. Each division team is an expert in their given regions – they’re in charge of land acquisition, home design, construction process, and taking care of their customers. What we do on the corporate team is tie the divisions together and ensure they have the resources necessary to take great care of customers and build them exceptionally high quality houses.

Q: Each market is unique, but are there Shea Homes design concepts that are shared region to region?

Robb: Sometimes market conditions require a consensus design strategy that meets a specific set of needs. Shea SPACES, now in four of our different regions, is one such example – a house designed for a generation of homebuyers who are ready to enter the market, but looking for key criteria like affordability, efficiency, and the ‘cool’ factor. SPACES is an example of the teams coming together to successfully respond to a prevailing market need, even when the housing market itself was struggling.

Q: As the market changes, how will the homebuyer experience change?

Robb: Technology is inevitably altering the home buying process. So much information is available online, and many builders are trying to integrate the next kind of 3D tour technology or anything else that drives web traffic. We’ll continue to make sure our website is a solid and informative resource, but at Shea Homes we keep coming back to those core attributes – customer experience and product quality. We believe that when it comes to a decision like buying a home, there still needs to be that human contact, personal interaction, the reassurance of good communication, follow through, all the things that make someone feel like they’re being well looked after during an important time in their life. So in those respects, at least at Shea Homes, the homebuyer experience is remaining very much the same.

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David Carbary October 26, 2015 at 9:25 am

With Pulte- Del Webb selling out First TN community MT Juliet Tn outside Nashville and announced a 2nd one in Spring Hill TN and aware looking for a 3rd at TN – Nashville is on the “it-Hot”lists ..pass this to the top of land development as love to buy a trilogy home but in TN.
No state income tax and Real estate Taxes are low and great airport and it is music city! low crime and 3 major interstate for travel- lower home prices in general and we only have Del Webb to choose from.
Love to see SHEA ZERO hit this market in next 2-3 years??? ANY CHANCES!!! before we buy a Pulte -Del Webb? thanks!
We have seen 2 trilogy locations in person and loved the entire concept of the company and the product.


Sheri Troy October 26, 2015 at 3:46 pm

Hello David,

We sincerely appreciate your wonderful compliment regarding our company and homes! At this time, we do not have any plans to build a Trilogy by Shea Homes community in the Tennessee area. However, we are always looking at land opportunities around the country for potential future locations. I will definitely pass along your comments, and appreciate you taking the time to contact us. Thanks again for your interest in Trilogy by Shea Homes!


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