What Upgrades and Features Does Shea Homes® Offer?

by Shea Homes on September 14, 2017

One of the most exciting steps along the home buying process with Shea Homes is your home design studio meeting, where you get to choose which personalization and upgrade options you’d like to include in your new home! When touring model homes, you have the chance to see how our standard features compare with certain upgrades. At our home design studios, you’re surrounded by a variety of options that can make your home feel uniquely yours.

Shea Homes Available Upgrades

So, exactly what home upgrades are available with Shea? We know you’ve been dying to know, and our team wants to be sure we give you the most accurate answer. And because of that, we simply cannot do it here on our blog! Shea builds homes with quality at the heart. We take into account how location, community, home model and floorplan may require different standard features in order to be the best home we can provide. What that means for you is that standard home offerings and available home upgrades will differ across states, communities and even in the home model you ultimately decide on choosing.

However, what we can share are some of the typical offerings and customization options that are found within many Shea Communities* so you can begin thinking of what areas you may want to change:

  • Your home’s floor plan
  • The elevation – the exterior architectural-style of your home
  • The use of flex spaces when available
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Countertops (in the kitchen and bathrooms)
  • Cabinetry
  • Lighting
  • Window coverings

If you are already interested in a specific Shea Homes community, you can contact a community representative who will help you find more detailed information to answer any upgrade or upgrade cancellation questions you may currently have.

What is Included When You Buy with Shea?

While you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about how to customize the inside of your home with the help of the Shea Homes Designers when you visit your community’s Design Studio, there are a few things each and every Shea Home homeowner receives, according to our Vice President of Operations, Robb Pigg.

1) A new house, with new technology

Making renovations and technological adaptations to older homes can be a hassle and sometimes impossible. When you buy a new home, the home is being designed and built to the most up-to-date quality and technology standards of the market. Shea Homes offer a range of different accessories available to help ease the demands of any type of lifestyle.

2) A well-planned home site

Shea looks for desirable locations, taking into account factors like proximity to good schools, job opportunities, public spaces available in the surrounding community, transportation options, and more.

3) Quality building

Shea has a commitment to the lasting performance of our homes. From the architectural design and usability of our floor plans to the fit and finish of our homes’ structural elements, everything is built with long-term enjoyment in mind.

How Can Upgrades Affect the Cost of My Home?

Some of the most important advice that comes from our Design Studios is to consider the balance between customizing your ultimate dream home and your budget and mortgage approval. While you might have an appetite for every available upgrade option, or love the home as-is, without upgrades– somewhere in between may suit you best. Have a discussion with loved ones and understand where you spend the most time in your home and what types of hobbies or lifestyle you have that may affect how you live. While you discuss your priorities, use this design worksheet to help keep track of the upgrades you will definitely want to consider.

Additionally, make sure you know your budget – and actually stick to it! The upgrades you decide upon may affect your overall home’s sales price, loan amount and interest rate (learn more about how new construction home loans differ from resale home loans).

Ready to learn more about the specific upgrades available at the Shea Homes community you’re interested in? Contact adiscuss any questions you may have or, prepare all of your questions in preparation for your Design Studio visit!


*All listed options may not be available at every Shea community. Availability varies by location.


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