Bringing Fall to Colorado: Changing Colors, Fall Decor

by Shea Homes Colorado on October 4, 2016


How to bring autumn indoors.

It’s gorgeous out there, isn’t it? Autumn’s shorter, cooler days are working their magic, turning ash trees scarlet, maples orange, and aspens a shimmering gold. At our Shea Homes® communities, walks on the trails and playdates in the park are truly a feast for the senses these days. So maybe it’s worth considering how to bring some of that wonderful fall feeling inside your home, perhaps through autumn-fresh décor or seasonally inspired cooking.

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Apple cider, leaves turning, warm fires and cozy sweaters. All of the staples of fall. And no city welcomes fall with such delight as Phoenix, Arizona. The end of a hot summer is here fellow Phoenicians, and the best way to celebrate cooler weather just might be a casual, cozy backyard party.

Whether you love the bohemian look with tossed pillows and blankets or an evening outdoors watching the football game, we have some ideas to help you throw a backyard fall party to remember.

Let’s start with necessities. Regardless of your style or extent of your guest list, every fall bash needs the following:

1. Warm Drinks… Nothing says fall like a big pot of hot chocolate or spiced apple cider. Get the timeless recipes here:

2. Warm Fire… Well, I suppose a warm fire might help those warm drinks along. It is getting below 70 degrees these days. Here are some ideas for building a cute fire pit in your backyard. Or just pop by your local home improvement store for a pre-built option!

3. Warm Desserts… Are you sensing a theme here? But seriously, is there anything better than a big pan of apple crisp or brownies to make it a true fall party? Your mother will be proud and your friends will thank you (unless you eat the whole pan like we wanted to) after you try one of these easy recipes:

4. Grab a few blankets and pile on the pillows to give your backyard a warm (yep, there it is again) and inviting appeal. We love these unique ideas.

If you want to get creative and bring in some extra ambiance, try a few of these comfy additions:

5. Bring out some sweet sparkles with stringed lights. Every yard is different, so take a look at these creative ideas and see what might work for you.

6. Or go for more of a garden glow with some of these lighting ideas.

For a little extra fun or an added theme:

7. Turn it into a movie night with a DIY projector and yes, you guessed it… even more blankets and pillows.

8. Or liven things up with a host of backyard DIY games. There are lots of adult and kid friendly options depending on your crowd.

And if you’re feeling artsy:

9. Here are some lovely chalkboard ideas. (If you can do them by hand, we’re inviting you to come and decorate for our upcoming fall party.)

10. Finally, if you do make those brownies, be sure to invite your good friends at Shea Homes, or maybe just a new neighbor or two. Brownies and fire pits have been known to start a few good friendships.

Check out the ideas above and more on our Backyard Fall Party Pinterest Board!


Autumn’s in the Air

by Shea Homes Northern California on October 1, 2014

Fall Home Decor
Fall leaves, apple pie and pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Here are some simple ideas to get your home and family ready for the season.

Autumn decor will be sure to get your family and friends in a festive mood. And while pumpkins are definitely a staple of the season, your home’s stylish decor does not have to fall by the wayside for these orange gourds. Try a modern take on fall that draws on colors of fall, or try using painted gourds when creating your decorative tablescape. Take a look at our Fall Decor Ideas board on Pinterest for subtle ways to decorate your front door, mantle, and even your kitchen.

Pumpkin Layer Cake |

Now that fall is upon us, Thanksgiving truly is just around the corner. It’s never too early to start planning your menu, especially if you are expecting a large number of guests or extended family visits. Looking for recipes to suit even the pickiest tastebuds? Go beyond Pinterest and traditional cook books!

Here are our favorite mealtime resources from across the web:

And of course, every great meal requires great dessert. That’s why Shea Homes Northern California created this Fall Inspired Treats Pinterest board that will not disappoint. Be sure to try out this delicious Pumpkin Layer Cake Recipe by Jennifer Carrol of the Celebrating Everyday Life Blog. And don’t miss these White Chocolate Cranberry Macadamia Cookies or this Oh-So-Easy Crockpot Carmel recipe.

Too busy to plan your feast in advance? Bookmark our Thanksgiving Tips for the Procrastinator and Last Minute Thanksgiving Menu Items. At Shea Homes, we value these memorable moments with our family and friends, and we hope these tips and ideas will help make your season sensational!

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Preparing Your Home for Fall

by Shea Homes Northern California on October 21, 2013

Autumn started on September 22nd this year and many people ventured out for their pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin candles and maybe a new pair of boots. This time of year represents, for many, the start of the home decorating season. Gourds replace fruit in baskets, leaf garlands adorn mantels and wreaths are hung on front doors all around the nation. There is something so cozy about a home draped in fall colors.

It’s easy to visit your local craft shop or department store to stock up on new fall decor, but adding your own special touch can give your fall house that home feel.

Fun with Pumpkins

Pumpkins are iconic, especially during the month of October. However, pumpkins don’t always have to be carved, matter of fact, they don’t always have to be orange! Give your pumpkins a pop of color, or distress them to match the rustic feel in your home.

Paint your pumpkin with chalk paint and run a brick or other rough surface over the top to distress it.

Collect leaves from your yard, or while on a hike. Place them on the pumpkin, spray paint, and bam – you have a beautiful art piece!

Drill holes into your pumpkin with a power drill for a fun look!


Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. Fall wreaths can spruce up any wall or door in your home, giving it that at home feel.

Here’s a quick way to make a twig wreath your own. Use a CD to cut a perfect circle, cut it into a spiral and twist it on itself to make a cute easy flower!

Making a wreath doesn’t have to be complicated. Click on the picture for a quick tutorial for this wreath!


Candles can add an intimate feel to any room whether you’re having a small get together with friends or a quiet evening at home with your family.

This is a great one to do with your kids. Ask them to search the yard for twigs and break them into pieces together. Adhere them to any glass candle holder with modge podge or other for of adhesive.

Other Decor Ideas

Get creative with fall. Find unconventional crafts that you can complete with your family to make your fall home feel like you.

This project can be done on a rainy day. Click on the picture for a tutorial.

Visit Pinterest for more fall decor inspiration

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