4 Tips to Cooking up a GRILLicious Summer BBQ

by Shea Homes on July 1, 2016

Rising temperatures and sunshine-filled days make the summer months ideal for an outdoor BBQ. It simply doesn’t get much better than inviting friends and family over to relax outdoors, pouring some refreshing beverages, and catching up while you fire up the grill in true grill-master fashion. Yet, not all of us perform well when the pressure (or grill) heats up. In fact, some of us might be weary of firing up the grill with friends, because we just don’t really know what we are doing – How long do I cook the burger? How do I tell if it’s done?  

To help you with the skills and “know-withal” to stay cool and collected as you entertain, we’ve compiled some of the juiciest grill secrets found around the web, and amongst our grilling tools, to help you navigate a long summer of grilling ahead.  With July 4th celebrations rapidly approaching, make sure to pin and share these tips with friends.

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Welcome, fall. Or shall we say, Crockpot and football season.

by Shea Homes Colorado on November 9, 2015


Goodbye, summer heat—and our fixation on salads, grilling, and anything that doesn’t heat up the kitchen. Fall kicks off the season for tasty, hearty fare that warms up your belly, soul, and sometimes, happily, your kitchen too.

Now that the Denver Broncos are back in business, why not gather with your fellow neighbors over a football game and, perhaps, a crockpot full of barbecue? In honor of our Shea Colorado communities, so well-known for its friendly get-togethers, we have created several Pinterest boards for you to explore—to get your mouth watering with seasonally inspired recipes, and your creativity awhirl with ideas for crafty autumn party décor. Here are some highlights.

Starting with crockpots, here’s a board devoted to the art of fix-it-and-forget-it. If you are operating under the impression that slow cooking menus are limited to soups and beans, check out the recipes for a savory and light sweet potato gratin, Chinese-style barbecue, and lasagna described as “the easiest lasagna you will ever make.” Sold.


On Shea Homes’ Welcome Fall, you’ll find more slow cooker recipes, as well as many other kinds. You’ll never miss your summertime grill with this Peppered Corn on the Cob…wrapped in bacon. Want another barbecue variation, maybe on the sweet, Southern side? Here’s Pulled Pork with Bourbon-Peach Barbecue Sauce. And should you need some festive ambiance to go with all that good food, check out this board, 39 Clever Tailgating DIYs To Get You In The Spirit. Think pennant-shaped cupcake toppers, downloadable party invitations, and custom drink labels.

Pulled Pork

You’ll find another board that’s unabashedly devoted to the Broncos. Snag a recipe for a Denver Broncos cocktail made of blue Cucacao, vodka, and blood orange soda. Or some irresistible orange and blue, candy-studded Broncos cookies. Or how about a whole Broncos-inspired menu, from appetizers to dessert?

Broncos Cookies

Hungry yet? If not, then check in often. Pins are always being added, so be sure to take a look before your next gathering.

For more information on our Shea Homes Collections and what we’re up to at the Colorado division, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, Google+ and YouTube, and get inspired with us on Pinterest.


Become a Backyard BBQ Master in 5 Easy Steps

by Shea Homes on May 20, 2015

Grilling tips for the backyard BBQ Master

Memorial Day weekend typically marks the unofficial, “official” start of barbecue season. Since you’re probably raring to spend as much time outdoors in the summer sun – which includes your meals, it’s time to study up on how to become the master of your backyard BBQ! If you’re ready to brush up on your grilling skills, keep reading for five easy steps. Or, if you’d rather delegate the responsibility to someone else in the household, just use that orange “Share” button for a not-so-subtle hint (it’s fun, we promise).

Tips for your summer bbq menu

1. Know the Grill Essentials

From the proper way to clean a BBQ grill, to knowing when a steak is medium rare vs. medium well and ensuring your pork loin has reached the proper internal temperature, knowing the basics of barbecuing will make your backyard gatherings run that much smoother, plus, you’ll look, and feel, like a total pro.

Ready to study up? Peruse some of these grilling articles:


2. Realize it’s NOT All About the Meat

While steaks, burgers and hot dogs typically come to mind for summer grilling, don’t limit yourself to protein– hit your fridge’s vegetable crisper for new barbecuing options. Adding additional items to the grill lessens the amount of time spent over a hot stove or heating up your home by turning on the oven. Some tasty ideas:

Squashes – brush zucchini and summer squash with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper before adding to the grill Peppers – jalapeños, red bell peppers and Anaheim chilies added right to the grill make zesty additions to salads and salsas Pineapple – delicious on kabobs or as an appetizer Avocado – great for a taco topper Potatoes – all types of potatoes can be added to the grill (including sweet potatoes), wrap them in foil and place directly on the coals or grate Peaches – the natural sugars caramelize and these fruits become the perfect topping for vanilla ice cream

 If you have a hard time sticking to veggies while grilling, try putting on some prosciutto wrapped asparagus or bacon and Brussel sprout skewers.


3. Develop a Signature BBQ Recipe

We all remember “Dad’s Steak,” “Mom’s Hamburgers,” and “Uncle Ron’s Roasted Chicken.” So, once you’ve played around with a few different grilling items it’s time to create and claim your signature recipe and legacy! Whether you develop your own secret barbecue sauce recipe, become queen of the kabobs or discover a tender skirt steak formula, this recipe should become your go-to, what people expect (and want) you to make when they come for a visit and so easy to make for you that you don’t need to consult a recipe. In the meantime, print out the recipe card below to keep track of any recipe modifications you make. And, once your dish is perfected, you can share the recipe with family and friends (unless you’d prefer to keep it a secret).

Printable bbq  Recipe Card

4. Get the Right Gear

While all you really need for a tasty BBQ’d meal is charcoal/propane, food and some tongs, it’s always fun to add some of the newest gadgets to your apron. After all, what is an artist without his or her tools?

When it comes to your grill’s set up, an outdoor bar or fridge stocked with refreshments nixes the need to run inside for beverages (plus, no dirty shoes tracking dust back inside!). Bar sinks also allow for easy food prep so you’re not stuck inside while your guests enjoy your outdoor space.


Outdoor BBQ area in custom homes

In terms of grilling accessories, the LA Times recommended a few must-haves, including some of our favorites:

  • Heat-resistant gloves, say “good-bye” to scorch-marked fingers
  • A grill basket for all those veggies you’ll now be adding to the grill
  • A reliable, digital meat thermometer so you can easily determine what the internal temperature of your food is

5. Plan Around Your Activities

The activities you have planned for the day should influence your BBQ menu. If a backyard baseball game is on the docket, simple fare like hotdogs or kielbasa may be ideal. Catching up with the families in your neighborhood at the table allows for slightly more elaborate, yet kid friendly, meals. Consider grilled chicken with a side of veggies and a chilled fruit salad for dessert.


Shea homes patio design, great for bbqs

If it is an adults-only invite, create an indoor-outdoor entertaining space guests can enjoy even as the evening cools. Set our sangria or margaritas with a few easy-to-eat apps in your inside dining area to keep bugs at bay while people mingle and create intimate conversation areas outdoors. Add to the ambiance by adding string lights and a few garden beds. Shea Outdoor Patio

Do you already have a backyard barbecue master in the house (maybe it’s you)? Share some of the recipes or tips you’ve seen in the comments below so others can try them, too.

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Throw the Perfect Summer BBQ

by Shea Homes Northern California on June 27, 2013


The kids are out of school, the temperature is rising, and that can only mean one thing; summer is here! We recently showed you how to prepare your home for the hot summer months; now it’s time to start preparing to entertain! California summer evenings are warm and the sun doesn’t set until 8:30pm which means it’s prime BBQ time.

Prepare for your first summer BBQ by securing your BBQ space. In the Bay Area it’s common to have a backyard, but it’s also common to have a small patio, balcony or community outdoor area that allows for public BBQs; each offer unique opportunities for a fantastic get together.

The Decor

Backyard BBQs are all about simplicity. Whether you have a large space to entertain guests, or an intimate setting for a few of your favorites, it’s important to set the mood. Get innovative and reuse items you have around the house to keep your get together cost effective.

  • Use a wheelbarrow to display cold beverages – just fill it with ice and gently nestle bottles and cans inside to keep them cool.

  • Old wine bottles are great to use as vases for the tables – place daisies or sunflowers inside them for pops of color. You can also clean out a few of your old wine bottles and use them as chilled water carafes. Spice up those bottles by wrapping them in colorful scrapbook paper.
  • Mason jars are great – fill them with rocks, flowers, sand, or a candle for center pieces.
  • The food table is obviously the focal point of any good BBQ – place a colorful table cloth on the buffet table to draw your guests.











The Food

Let’s be honest, BBQs are all about the food. The mood is set with the decor but everyone came over for the ribs, chicken, steak, etc. that you cooked for them.

  • Start the party off with delicious Caprese Pasta Skewers the recipe can be found here.

  • Sometimes a simple BBQ chicken dish is all it takes to get your guest’s talking here is Michael Symon’s delicious recipe.

  • Who doesn’t love baked beans? Here’s a simple and absolutely delectable recipe!
  • And last but certainly not least, why not serve your guests this beautiful Watermelon Sorbet?

Top off your evening with a board game, a round of charades or battle it out with a game of croquet. Whatever it is that you do, we just hope you have an amazing and relaxing time.

Do you have any Summer BBQ tips or tricks? Share in the comments! And as always, you can find all of this and more on Pinterest!