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As part of our #ReadWithYourChild campaign, book drive and raffle to develop strong, young readers who are passionate about learning, we are excited to share ten fun and interactive ways to make reading with your child an effective and enjoyable experience.

  1. Bring the characters within your favorite books to life by creating distinct voices for each of them. Use tone, volume and pace when speaking to express emotion.
  2. Take breaks from reading word-for-word to pay attention to illustrations. Ask your child questions about what is happening in the picture, who is in the picture and to share details such as colors, sizes and shapes from the image. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”- Chinese Proverb
  3. Connect what you are reading to the world around you. For example, read books about nature at the park and/or books about animals at the zoo. This will allow your child to make a connection between the book’s description of the object(s) and the physical object(s) itself.
  4. Use nonverbal communication while reading to express ideas. Hand motions and body movements act as great visuals to help your child understand and remember the story. For instance, if a character in the story is running, you and your child can hold your arms in the shape of a right angle and swing them forward and back as if you were jogging.
  5. Sing! Pick a tune from one of your child’s or your own favorite nursery rhymes and turn the story you are reading into a song; the melody and repetition will help your child learn the material and retain it.
  6. Most little ones have one book that they could read all day long and still love with all of their heart. With all of this repetition, your child is likely to have parts of the book memorized. Use this as a tool to get them involved in the reading process and to build their confidence. Start by reading the first part of the sentence and then pause at the part your child knows to let them fill in the blank.
  7. Sit down with your kiddo to read, but just listen. Let your child use their imagination to tell the story from start to finish on their own.
  8. Make reading a family affair by encouraging all members of the family to read with your kiddo(s). This will allow everyone to express their personality, share their favorite books and learn from one another.
  9. Kids are like sponges, they will soak up everything they see you say and do. Set a positive example by making time for yourself to read daily and by keeping reading material throughout the house.
  10. Engage with the community and discover new reads by attending story-time programs at your local library or bookstore.

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