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When Christmas is a wrap, where do you put it?

by Shea Homes Colorado on December 21, 2015


When it comes to the holidays—like so many things in life—the build-up is so much more fun than the take-down. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah at your Shea home, chances are there’s some stowing away in your immediate future. Below are a few ideas to help streamline the process and make next year’s holiday set-up even easier. Cue the holiday music and eggnog one last time.

Holiday lights are the nemesis of many otherwise happy revelers. It seems as if they spend their off-season wriggling themselves into nasty knots. The solution? Wrap them neatly around sheets of cardboard before tucking them away.  Or around a coffee can, poking the plug into the can through an ‘X’ cut into the plastic top. When it comes to those heavy-duty exterior holiday lights, keep them on a portable hose reel. The wheels and handle make them easy to maneuver around the yard while you decorate.

Lights in Coffee Can            Store Christmas Lights

Ornaments can be especially fragile (and chock-full of priceless memories), so storage that prevents jostling is crucial. Try an egg carton or apple box for your smaller round ornaments. Slip the larger flat ornaments into your stockings.

Egg Cartons for Ornaments             Store Candles

Real Christmas trees are (mercifully) tossed, but artificial trees occupy space in your basement all year long. suggests sliding them neatly into sleek, 8” diameter concrete form tubes. So smart.

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A Home for the Holidays

by Shea Homes Northern California on December 3, 2012


The winter holidays evoke a sort of nostalgic emotion for many people. Some love the decor that fills department stores and homes, some enjoy the cozy feeling that comes with the cold winter air during December, and others love the extra time with family and friends during this busy time of year. While not everyone may celebrate Christmas, most can agree that there is something magical about this time of year inside and out!

Many families will decorate their homes this year, some will deck the halls quite literally while others will channel their inner-Griswold and turn the outside of their home into a twinkling winter wonderland. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Christmas displays and we’re hoping they will either inspire you to re-create them for your home or give you the creative energy you need to make your home a home for the holidays.

First you have to decide a theme. While it might be Christmas related, are you going for a traditional theme full of reds and greens or are you going to go for a more modern all white or blue Christmas or maybe even a funky neon Christmas? Knowing the theme before you begin the decorating process will help you narrow down your options.  Stores are FULL of beautiful decor options and it may become overwhelming if you don’t have a plan before stepping foot into your favorite one.

A Colorful Front Door

Decorating your door with a wreath is common, using extra garland to frame your door however, is innovative. Your guests will definitely feel the Christmas spirit as soon as they get to your front door. For additional Christmas cheer, decorate the garland with extra ornaments!

Decorate with a Purpose

There’s a good chance you didn’t decorate your home to compliment the traditional Christmas colors. You have two options here: remove some of the items that are normally in your home and stow them away for the month; or decorate your home with Christmas decor that matches the natural hues of your home.

Fruit and Greenery Arrangement and Ornament Displays

You might have purchased large vases at one point to display candles, rocks, or some other sort of decorative item. Why not take these large focal points of any room and get them into the holiday spirit? Fill a large round vase with layers of beautifully colored fruit and top off the decoration with holiday spruce. Maybe you have ornaments left over and you’re not sure what to do with them. Throw unused ornaments into a vase and you have yourself a beautiful and inexpensive decoration.

A Tree Topper with Personality

A good tree topper is hard to come by. Skip the holiday lines and make a personalized tree topper. Get the whole family involved and have a piece of art you can talk about for years!

Corky Tabletop Trees

There is a good chance you have leftover corks in your house? Oh you don’t? That’s okay, you can pick up wine corks at your local craft store. Paint them in your favorite Christmas colors and arrange them into a tabletop tree that’ll put a smile on your guest’s face.

Colorful Christmas

You might chop down your own Christmas tree every year, and we don’t want to discourage you from continuing with that tradition, but what if you had two trees? Sometimes placing candy canes on your main tree just doesn’t go with your theme BUT you don’t want to forgo the candy canes this year, they’re a staple after all. Grab a smaller fake tree, perhaps a white one, and fill it with colorful lights and decorations, top the whole thing off with candy canes and call it your Candy Cane Tree!

Whether you plan to decorate a lot this year, or just a little bit, remember that this time of year is about spending time with the people in your life who mean the most. We hope these ideas help you get in the Christmas spirit.

Have holiday decorating ideas? We’d love to feature them on our blog, just leave us a comment and we’ll get in contact with you! And don’t forget, all of these ideas and more can be found on our Pinterest Page!

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