10 Tips for Hosting Your First Holiday Party

by Shea Homes Southern California on December 3, 2015


The holidays are the best time of year, but they can also be the most stressful, especially if you’re hosting a family get-together for the first time! Never fear, it just takes a little practice… but some awesome tips from us doesn’t hurt either! Keep on reading below to find out how you can make your first holiday party a success:

Have a Potluck –

We all know that friends and family members can have their own specialty recipes that are down right delicious! If you think your guests would like your Aunt Milly’s apple cobbler, have her bring it to the party!

Start Your Own Tradition –

Traditions are a huge part of what makes the holidays so special, so why not try creating a holiday tradition of your own? You can pick a game for everyone to play, make a certain dish every year, or a pick a great movie to watch!

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