Green Your Home (Even if You Lack a Green Thumb) with a Terrarium

by Shea Homes Arizona on February 26, 2016

How to Create A Terrarium for Your Home

Do It YourselfTerrariums
Want to bring some green into your home, but lack the confidence to take on the responsibility of a houseplant? Good news! Terrariums with cacti or succulents are easy (and fool-proof!) ways to get the beauty of enjoyment of a houseplant, even if you are a known plant killer. Plus, the creation of these living works of art is a fun exercise in creativity.


  • Clear glass vase or container
  • Pebbles
  • Potting soil for succulent and cactus
  • Succulents and cacti of your choice
  • Sand

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Pins to Peak Your “Pinterest”…

by Shea Homes Arizona on May 31, 2013

Shea Homes PinterestWe’ve been pinning for a while now on our Pinterest page, but as of late, we are actively providing our audience with a Pinterest board every week! Whether the boards reflect the season, the holidays, the newest health trends and recipes or Shea Homes Arizona’s own home design and styles, we are all over the map with ideas to make your creativity flourish.

Now that we are well into summer, it only seemed appropriate that we follow Memorial Day with a week of summer related Pinterest boards:

  • School is out for the kids, and they need several activities to keep them suffering from boredom. So check out our board titled Summer ’13 Activities for Kids with indoor and outdoor activities for the kids to keep busy. Science projects, outdoor games, arts and crafts and more are all included, so there is something for everyone!
  • When being indoors is your only escape from the scorching Arizona sun, turning your oven on to 400+ degrees just to make dinner is not ideal. So we created a board titled Summer ’13 Food and Drink Recipes offering “no bake” food recipes and chilled drinks to go with them. Make these delicious treats and your A/C will fight that oven heat no more!
  • Lastly on our summer Pinterest week is the board titled Trendy Home Designs – Summer ‘13, offering several pins that show you how to make your home designs summer friendly with light colors, fresh flowers, beautiful tablescapes and refreshing themes. Try these home trends to keep your home light, cool and up to date this summer.

Last month, we posted a Mother’s Day board with several ideas to help you get creative and do something different for Mom. We also pinned many crafts for the kids to make for Mom as well. This month, stay tuned for a board on Father’s Day gift ideas that will save you from last minute rushing and truly show Dad your gratitude.

With 23 boards on our Pinterest page, we have several pins to keep your home fresh and new in these areas:

Also, visit our Facebook page and Twitter feed for current updates on our new communities and products, as well as our YouTube channel for several informative videos covering all aspects of the home buying process.