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What is a Flex Room?

A flex room is essentially an area in your house that can be customized and used for a number of different functions. At Shea Homes, we typically refer to these multi-purpose rooms as “Flex Spaces.” Flex spaces can be entire rooms or an area in your home that can be utilized in different ways throughout your time and life there. We build these flex spaces into our floorplans so that homeowners can customize their living space to better fit their different interests, lifestyles and evolving life stages. From extended patios to second master suites and game rooms to reading nooks, incorporating a flex space into the layout of your new home will allow you to further customize your Shea Home to fit your family’s needs and interests.

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After buying an empty lot to build a custom home on, Clay and Tricia were barely into the process before they were beginning to learn about all the headaches. When Shea Homes’ models were being built next door, they couldn’t resist peeking over the fence! Beginning to doubt the process of building an entirely new custom home themselves, Clay and Tricia stepped into a Shea Homes sales office and have been homeowners since 2012.

Clay and Tricia began to understand the benefits of buying with a builder as opposed to hiring contractors to build a home on an empty lot; but if you need more information to help your decision, we’ve got just the stuff!

The primary advantage of building a new home yourself from the ground up is that you can make every last detail just the way you want, from the room options to the placement of your kitchen.  Now that we have launched our new product, Shea3D, you can even change your kitchen location to create a living space you’ll love and that is important to you. These lifestyle spaces choices are called Kitchen-centric, Entertainment-centric and Outdoor-centric. We also provide more design options for flooring, backsplash, countertops, cabinets, fixtures and more! For more details and information on Shea3D visit!

In addition to paying for the construction of the custom home you want to build, you have to purchase the land it will sit on, and initial estimates for costs are rarely accurate. With good chance that the timeline and schedule of building your home can face many setbacks, other costs – specifically labor costs – increase as well. Buying a home in a Shea Homes development is cheaper than building custom because building similar homes in a community cuts down labor costs and several features and land costs are already included in Shea’s pricing.

Building a new, custom home with contractors can take sometimes six months to a year on average until it is move-in ready, and that’s if you’re on schedule and don’t make any last minute changes. If you buy with Shea Homes, the building process takes roughly four to six months for both the design and construction processes!

Choosing energy efficient upgrades in a custom home may save you large amounts of money in your monthly budget, but installing energy efficient upgrades and improvements can be costly. All Shea Homes communities offer the Environments for Living (EFL) Program where Shea uses a third party to certify the usage and cost of heating and cooling in your home and then EFL guarantees that it will not exceed a specified monthly usage cost.  If the home does go over this monthly cost, thus raising your utilities bill, a 100 percent refund of the difference will be compensated to the homeowner! Most Shea Homes communities also offer homes that are Energy Star 3.0 certified.

Building a home on an empty lot has several perks. With all of the new upgrades and improvements, maintenance and upkeep does not need much attention for a while. You don’t inherit outdated appliances, floor plans or décor with a new home; all of which can bring on several replacements and renovations driving up your cost. Luckily with Shea Homes Arizona, our homes are new like custom homes with much lower overall costs. With our design studio, you can pick out several combinations of features that make your home stand apart from the rest. Some of these features include countertops, backsplashes, fixtures, accents, flooring, cabinetry and a color palette that is just right for you. Other great choices that particular Shea Homes Arizona communities offer are luxury elements such as detached RV garages, backyard cabanas, tumbled pavers, built-in cabinets, garage workspaces, flex rooms and more! Also, all Shea Homes are built with Whirlpool appliances, Delta faucets, and many other brand name products that will help increase your home’s longevity for many years to come.

Doing all of the proper research on hiring contractors and designers is time-consuming, chaotic and costly. Plus, you have to become the unofficial manager of several people, which becomes a full time job! When you’ve already got so much on your plate, taking on this role is unnecessary. At Shea Homes Arizona, we have sales representatives, construction superintendents, designers and more all at your doorstep… literally! We have a great team to make your home buying process stress-free, timely and seamless so you can move in to your brand new, designed by you, Shea Home!