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Innovation: How does it relate to garages and laundry rooms?

by Shea Homes Arizona on February 7, 2013


Historically, architects seemed to always put garages and laundry rooms on the back-burner of the homes they were designing.  These rooms simply served one purpose, and were built accordingly.  Today, we at Shea Homes execute a vision where these two rooms bring more to the table than just their obvious function.

In most of our homes, garages are designed to be larger in width and height.  Larger garage door openings are installed so cars don’t have to be squeezed into a confined space, reducing scratches on vehicles.  Customers have the option of upgrading to a fully-functioning garage workspace, perfect to store tools and with plenty of counter space to work on any project.  We offer some upgrade options on the size of your garage as well, including a three or four car garage or even our newest detached RV garage.

With the exceptional size of the RV garage, there are several options of how to design it, even if you don’t own an RV!  Some choices include an enclosed workspace complete with plenty of storage space and a bathroom, or a loft in your garage to be used as extra storage space. And for those hot summer months, RV garages can be equipped with A/C and even house a guest casita.

Laundry Rooms

Did you know that washers and dryers were once located in the garage of the home? More recently and still quite commonly, they are now found in a small room directly off of the garage.  We find that locating the laundry room in a central space where everyone in the family has access is efficient and popular with our customers. And, in some of our two story plans, the laundry room is located upstairs.

Since the average family does 8-10 loads per week (not including bedding), we believe that a large laundry room can make for a more comfortable, simple and therefore, happier experience. We provide plenty of counter space, upper and lower cabinetry, with upgrades including a sink so that you can fully function while performing this necessary task.  If you have kids, you can also opt for an expanded laundry room to function as a playroom, an arts and crafts studio or a study for after-school homework.

We pride ourselves on giving your garage and laundry room the attention that they deserve; with multiple uses and larger space, these rooms can really make for a truly functioning home.

Would you change anything about your current garage or laundry room? What would it be?

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