How to Make your Garden Pop this Spring

by Shea Homes Arizona on March 30, 2018


Blooming season is here!

Spring Garden
With average temperatures in the high 70s, you might be getting the itch to get your hands in the dirt and do some spring planting. We asked Christine Fortman at Berridge Nurseries if she could share some Spring gardening tips. 

What should we be planting in Arizona this time of year?

Now is the time to plant trees, shrubs, roses, vines, summer bulbs and bedding. It also might be a great time to add something new to your desert landscaping. If you’ve been eyeing agave or ocotillo, this is the perfect month to put these in.

For homeowners looking to put in a vegetable garden, what would you recommend?

If you’re ready to put in a home garden, don’t wait too long! You will want to plant your summer veggie seeds before it gets too hot – I recommend watermelon, okra, Armenian cucumber, asparagus beans and black-eye peas.

What can I do to refresh and renew flowers and flowering plants?

It’s time to prune! If you’re growing lantana, red bird of paradise or yellow dot, go ahead and cut these back to stumps. They won’t look so pretty in the near term, but pruning will help to provide regrowth in coming months. Likewise, if you have wilted roses hanging on to your bushes, snip these off with sharp shears at a 45-degree angle (also called “deadheading”) to bring on new flowers.

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10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

by Shea Homes Arizona on March 11, 2016


The shift from winter to spring is an opportunity to shake off the old and welcome the new. And when it comes to our homes, the change in seasons is the perfect time to freshen things up. From cleaning to décor, here are ten easy ways to get your home ready for spring.

Swap out your throw pillows
Throw PillowsPhoto credit: Olivia Smile Decor

Show off the colors of spring with new covers for your throw pillows. Bright floral prints or bold citrusy hues will give your sofa a happy new look.

Switch out your bedding
Swap out BeddingPhoto credit: Ikea

Give your bedroom a mini-makeover with a new duvet cover or comforter.

Add a splash of green
Green It Up

Go green with accessories, or bring in fresh greenery like palm fronds or houseplants like Zamioculcas zamiifolia (hard to say, hard to kill.) [read more…]



When you live in a Shea Homes entertainment-centric home, it’s easy to find reasons to throw a party. We know some new Shea homeowners who feel compelled to join a book club, just so they can entertain! Others suddenly find themselves celebrating every family member’s half-birthday – cake and all. No matter what the occasion, the right décor can turn simply so-so into breathtakingly beautiful.

Here are some great tips that won’t break the bank and will leave you asking, when can we do this again?

  1. A party staple is candlelight, but no one wants candle clean up duty. When planning your lighting, don’t underestimate tea lights. These little, self-contained candles can be purchased in bulk and are inexpensive. Set out a few dozen, indoors and out, to add sparkle and ambience for pennies without leaving any mess. Set them in groupings for more intense light or solo for soft spot lighting.
  2. To keep your guests moving, set food and beverages in different “stations” around your home – mix it up and move it around, using both indoors and outdoors. Place food in a few different areas with drinks in yet another to encourage guests to mix and mingle. This prevents the “water cooler” gatherings and provides opportunities for plenty of fun.
  3. Save money on flowers by cutting flowers or greens from your own yard, or put some whole citrus in a vase. Drop colored beads or crystals into a narrow clear, glass vase with lemon-lime soda. Thee effervescence will bubble up and cause the beads to float.
  4. When it comes to flatware and dinnerware, forget matchy-matchy. If serving a buffet, combine white plates with colors to give an eclectic look with silverware of all sorts and styles to make a complete collection of useful and beautiful elements. When setting a table, mix up the settings so everyone has a matching set of a colorful combination. If you want to expand your look, try the local second-hand store for inexpensive sets of dishes, or specific pieces.
  5. To cap off your event, nothing sets a mood like music! Create a playlist to fit your theme, or start with something mellow and build the beat as the night goes on.

Above all, enjoy yourself!