four seasons

Four Seasons at Discovery Park in BackCountry

by Shea Homes Colorado on January 23, 2015


Unlike other Colorado neighborhoods, BackCountry offers its residents an awe-inspiring natural backdrop for enjoying the beauty of all four seasons. Panoramic mountain views let you marvel at each year’s dramatic snow buildup and melt-off, as well as the greening up and autumn vibrancy of the 467-acre South Rim area and 8,200-acre Backcountry Wilderness Area that surround BackCountry.

Even closer are BackCountry’s trails and six parks. One of them, Discovery Park, features a meandering waterway that makes its way into a pond along the Discovery Center’s edge. On BackCountry’s Facebook and Pinterest pages, a months-long series of photos taken in 2014 shows the year-round beauty of this one small area, a perfect hideaway for quiet reflection or reading. This year, BackCountry will take another yearlong series of photos, but in another neighborhood setting.

#1: Springtime in Colorado is always a back-and-forth dialog between snowing and growing.






#6: Blooming lily pads in June.






#12: A welcome afternoon rainstorm in July, part of Colorado’s monsoon pattern.







#22: October means golden leaves and grasses around the pond.






#28: November brought light, quickly melting snow.






#33: By the final day of the year, winter had truly found us here at BackCountry.






Shea Homes is located in this breathtaking, gated community nestled in some of the last available land in Highlands Ranch. Shea offers three home collections, the Shadow Walk, the Water Dance, and the Luxury Villas. If you love the year-round photos of BackCountry, make plans to move into your new Shea home.