10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

by Shea Homes Arizona on March 11, 2016


The shift from winter to spring is an opportunity to shake off the old and welcome the new. And when it comes to our homes, the change in seasons is the perfect time to freshen things up. From cleaning to d├ęcor, here are ten easy ways to get your home ready for spring.

Swap out your throw pillows
Throw PillowsPhoto credit: Olivia Smile Decor

Show off the colors of spring with new covers for your throw pillows. Bright floral prints or bold citrusy hues will give your sofa a happy new look.

Switch out your bedding
Swap out BeddingPhoto credit: Ikea

Give your bedroom a mini-makeover with a new duvet cover or comforter.

Add a splash of green
Green It Up

Go green with accessories, or bring in fresh greenery like palm fronds or houseplants like Zamioculcas zamiifolia (hard to say, hard to kill.) [read more…]