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A Day Trip to Remember: Page, AZ

by Shea Homes Arizona on July 17, 2015

At Shea Homes Arizona, we love Arizona! And Phoenix isn’t the only town that has a lot to offer the Phoenician Weekender. Today’s blog post is the first in a series of day trips around the state we love. We hope it will inspire your adventurous side.

A day trip to Page, AZ is a true dawn until dusk venture from Phoenix, but not one you’re soon to forget. Page is located in Northern Arizona and has more than a few landmarks in its midst. The drive is approximately four and a half hours from Phoenix with a view of the Grand Canyon available to the west on the drive up (you might even see some wild horses running around if you’re lucky).

The two main attractions of Page are Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. You have to travel slightly off the grid to get to both of them, but Page is the closest town. If you find yourself hungry before you begin your adventures, there is a restaurant called ‘Big John’s Texas BBQ’, just off of the highway. It might not look like much on the outside, but this is arguably some of the best BBQ in Arizona.

Antelope Canyon


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Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon 20 minutes outside of Page that has been shaped over time from running water forming this mysterious, beautiful gorge in the Earth. Standing on the ground looking upwards, the walls reach anywhere from 100-130 ft. There is both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, but Upper Antelope is more popular to tourists because it’s easier to access and it is also larger. Because Antelope Canyon is on Navajo land, participating in a tour is required in order to visit the landmark. Tours usually last about an hour and a half which is more than enough time to walk the entire canyon to the end and back.

Horseshoe Bend


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Horseshoe Bend is a meander of the Colorado River off of the Grand Canyon and is located just four short miles southwest of Page. After millions of years of running water and tectonic movement, we are left with the remarkable structure that is Horseshoe Bend. Tours are not required to visit but are available to the traveler who might be interested in learning more information. It is possible to hike, take a helicopter ride, and also raft or kayak through the river, making it great for both sightseeing and also for exploring.


Why Arizona Is So Awesome…

by Shea Homes Arizona on August 29, 2013

As many of us start to run out of town for this Labor Day weekend, there are many other Arizonans that are left behind.  Yet, is gc1that so bad?  Although everyone loves a nice, long weekend getaway from their home state, being “stuck” in Arizona is better than you think! You could be dripping sweat in the muggy humidity of Florida, or wearing scarves and long sleeves in Alaska.  For those of you who don’t appreciate Arizona – or just think you don’t – read below to see our favorite things that Arizona has to offer!  If you want to read more about why AZ is the best state, click here. (Source:  buzzfeed)

We are the Grand Canyon State, after all… How many people can say they have a 7th Wonder of the World in their state?  That is amazing in itself, and then once you go to the Grand Canyon, the astounding beauty is endless! Literally.

Can you find a better sunset anywhere else?  The orange, yellow and purple combination just doesn’t exist anywhere else in the nation.

There’s a huge stigma that Arizona is always hot and it never snows… In fact, it does snow in Arizona, a lot!  The great pool2thing about it is you could be tanning in Phoenix one minute and skiing in Flagstaff the next!

It’s odd if you see a house without a pool in the backyard.  While it’s nice to hang out at a resort pool every once in a while, Arizonans really don’t have to when they have a pool 10 steps away!

Arizona has countless world-renowned golf courses.  The mountains and desert aesthetics make for a beautiful view.  And have you heard of The Waste Management Open?hf3

Well Arizona is still just a dried up desert with no bodies of water, right?  INCORRECT.  We have lakes galore for boating in Arizona, white water rafting down the Colorado River, the crystal clear Havasupai Falls, and also the Salt River for a fun and relaxing tubing adventure! 

monsoon4What’s a haboob?  Just when you’ve have enough sun for the summer, in comes the giant haboob! Rather, a giant moving dust storm that literally engulfs our cities. But the sight of a haboob just means a monsoon is right around the corner, and Arizonans love monsoon season!

Arizona is home to 3 incredible universities.  And the rivalry is hotter than the state itself! The University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University couldn’t be more different, specializing in several different fields and located in three diverse cities, but all offering phenomenal educations!ua5

The bar, restaurant and entertainment scene is anything but boring. With Mill Avenue in Tempe and Old Town in Scottsdale, the social scene and night life makes for great weekends.  Travel a few more hours south and there’s Mexico in Arizona’s front yard.  Beaches, margaritas and taco stands.  Need I say more?  Travel a few hours northwest to Las Vegas, Nevada, and there’s America’s playground right in our backyard.  And Arizonans can enjoy it all on whim!

Top 5.  Arizona is home to the 5th largest city in the United States.  Phoenix, Arizona is known as one of the cleanest and most efficient cities in our nation.

Now all this, is truly something to be proud of Arizona!

Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in the Buzzfeed article are solely those of the authors and other contributors and do not necessarily reflect the official views or opinions of Shea Homes Arizona and any of its employees.

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