10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home

by Shea Homes Arizona on April 24, 2015


All around the world, people are working to go green and establish healthier, more sustainable ways of living, but in the rush of every day life it can be tricky to make green habits a priority. Here are ten of the easiest ways you can go green in your home without sacrificing your schedule:

  1. Change a light bulb. Don’t stress about doing them all at once. Next time you go to the store, buy a pack of energy efficient bulbs like CFLs or LEDs, and replace incandescent ones as they burn out. (One errand: 15 minutes; 1 minute at home)
  2. Check for water leaks. Even the smallest of water leaks can make a dent in your wallet and even cause major damage over time. Check out these DIY instructions for checking your home for leaks. (20-60 minutes)
  3. Cut your thermostat by a few degrees. For every degree you go up or down (depending on the time of year), you can save about 3% on heating and cooling costs. Cut 3 degrees and that’s almost 10% of your bill monthly! (1 minute)
  4. Recycle Bins in your kitchen. The key to recycling is to make it easy. Figure out what your city’s recycling rules are and put a bin next to the trash can in your kitchen to make it accessible and easy to sort. (10 minutes research; One errand: 15 minutes; No extra time at home)
  5. Start washing your laundry with cold water. It will preserve most fabrics longer and cut back on energy use over time. (No extra time)
  6. Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, when you run out of one, buy a green one to replace it. Check out these great alternatives to traditional cleaners. (No extra time)
  7. Turn off the lights when you leave the house. We all know this one, but sometimes in a rush, we forget to do it. In most homes, it takes less than 2 minutes to turn off all the lights, and will save energy throughout the day while you’re gone. (2 minutes or less)
  8. Reuse containers. Spaghetti jars, lunchmeat containers, paper and plastic bags, gift bags and giftwrap. All of these often end up in the garbage when they can easily be reused, reducing landfill pile up and often a few bucks for you too! (2 minutes or less)
  9. Use washable, reusable containers for lunches instead of disposable ones like sandwich bags and paper bags. For some great recommendations on picking the ones that work best for your family, check out this article. (One Errand: 20 minutes; 1 minute to wash dish)
  10.  Recycle old electronics instead of throwing them away. Do you have an old keyboard or cell phone that you are ready to just throw out? Check out for locations near you where you can recycle them instead. (5 minutes research; One Errand: 15 minutes)

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