Heroes Rewards

Image: Courtesy of Filip Pticek, Flickr

As summer vacation comes to a close, teachers are gearing up for another year of hard work. We want to thank Arizona teachers for their service by reminding them about the Heroes Reward program, which provides them with a 1% base price credit toward the purchase of a new Shea Home. This special offer is also available to active and retired military, active or retired police officers, and active or retired firefighters.

The Heroes Reward Program is just one small way we at Shea Homes® Arizona are able to recognize and thank our military, teachers, police officers and firefighters for all that they do to make our communities a better place to live and work.

The redemption process for the Shea Homes Heroes Reward Program is simple:

  1. Eligible active or retired military, teachers, police officers and firefighters print out a certificate, available here: http://bit.ly/HeroReward
  2. Participants fill out the form, and present it to their Shea Homes Community Representative, along with proof of current or previous employment.
  3. The 1% credit is applied toward the base price of a new Shea home (program not valid at Trilogy or Encanterra communities). 

If you or someone you know qualifies for the Heroes Reward Program, we invite you to come tour one of our Shea Homes communities around the Valley and see for yourself what it means to “live the difference.”

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Shea Homes Mini Hero: Emery Miller, age 14

by Shea Homes Arizona on April 27, 2013

Our first Shea Homes Mini Hero of 2013 is 14-year-old Emery Miller. Emery was born with a hole in his heart, rhythm issues with his heart, and a severely defective aortic valve, which had his mother, Lori, completely overwhelmed from the start. “The first three to four years were the hardest because it was just constant, there was constantly something,” said Lori. Whether it was speech therapy, dealing with feeding tubes or teaching her son a sense of normalcy, Lori said, “Whatever comes our way, we will make it through together.” And that is just what they do.

Together, Lori and Emery have endured four-open heart surgeries, the emotional and physical toll of Emery’s condition and keeping their lives as normal as possible. More recently, Emery underwent a fifth, less invasive and experimental procedure calledemery the Melody Heart Valve procedure. Emery was the first kid in Arizona to undergo this procedure, where his doctor used a catheter to replace a valve in his heart with a cow’s jugular vein. It was more than successful; Emery, his family and close friends just celebrated his one year “heart-iversary”. “It’s really an experience that I will always take with me, especially when I had a surprise party for it that all my friends came to so it was fantastic,” said Emery about his new heart and surprise celebration.

To help spread awareness for heart disease; Emery participates in a number of events, including the Phoenix Heart Walk in February, American Heart Month. He has raised over $200,000 for the American Heart Association in Phoenix and has created a yearly “bear drive” at Christmas where he takes teddy bear donations to give to every kid in the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

With his inspiring and uplifting attitude, Emery travels around the nation to speak to kids his age about staying positive when you’re forced to overcome adversity. He has been publicly speaking since age 5 here in Phoenix, Seattle and Los Angeles. “At my young age, it’s taught me how fortunate I am and kids don’t realize how fortunate they can be,” Emery said. He continues to get many requests to speak at several schools here in the Valley. Outside of Arizona, Emery spoke in Los Angeles for Lift up America, a motivational program for kids and attended a celebration for American Heart Month at the White House where he met and talked with Obama’s top aids. Emery is also a keynote speaker and advocate for organizations like The American Heart Association and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Emery and Lori Miller are truly an inspiration and a testament to perseverance.  They will soon move into their new home in Spaces at Evans Ranch, a Shea Homes Arizona community, where they said it actually “felt like home.”