Shea Homes: Homeowners Association (HOA) Overview

by Shea Homes on October 3, 2017

What is an HOA?

Many Shea Homes communities have an HOA, but what exactly is an HOA and what do they do?

HOA stands for “Homeowner’s Association” and refers to the group responsible for the administration of the covenants, conditions and restrictions, also known as the “CC&Rs” of a housing community. This often includes the maintenance of the amenities of a community among other things. HOA responsibilities and rules vary depending on the community and amenities offered, but here are some of the things that your HOA may cover:

  • Home exterior decisions (ex: paint colors, ad-on’s, awnings)
  • Landscaping decisions (ex: placement of new trees on your property)
  • Landscaping care (ex: shared spaces, park maintenance)
  • Shared amenities (ex: pools, parks, tot lots, healthcare facilities)

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How does an HOA benefit your future home?

Once you find your perfect home, you want to be sure that the charm and appeal of the house and its surrounding areas will not fade over time. While having an HOA provides many benefits, the main purpose of the association is to help maintain the consistency of the community aesthetics over time.

What do HOA Fees Cover?

Typically, a fee is paid to the Homeowner’s Association by residents of the community which is referred to as an “Assessment”. The amount of Assessments vary depending on the community size and amenities offered. The funds collected are used to pay for community expenses such maintenance and upkeep of common areas including community centers, swimming pools, parks, tot lots and health club facilities*.

Since we’re building new homes every day and continually striving to offer our homeowners options that fit their family’s needs, please contact a New Home Advisor if you have questions about an HOA at a Shea community you’re interested in.


*This is not a full representation of any Shea Homes Community and HOAs may include fewer, more and/or different items than those mentioned in this article.