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3 Ways to Decorate with Green Home Decor

by Shea Homes on March 2, 2017

Decorate for Spring with Green Decor

Green Home Decor IdeasThere’s a freshness that comes to mind when prepping your home for spring, particularly if you’re thinking of switching up the décor in your home. After all, springtime signifies new life and a sense of breaking out from the cold and dark days of winter. As we feel this taking place all around us, it’s only natural that we want to bring some of that life into our homes as well.
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From paint types to color tips, here are things you should know before you start painting your home.

Are you tired of staring at the same old walls? Looking for a fun pop of color to freshen things up in your living space? It just may be time to repaint a few rooms in your home. While it can be exciting to hunt for that perfect wall color, we know it can be tricky determining the right kind of paint to get the job done.

To help you through the process, we here at Shea Homes have put together the infographic below outlining some simple tips for when you decide to repaint. Whether you’re looking to repaint your living room, master bedroom or home office, read through the infographic and save all your decisions in the free downloadable document below – it will help you remember what paint you used years from now.
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Set the stage (and table) for Thanksgiving

by Shea Homes Colorado on November 16, 2015


For many, Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. Free from the pressure of gift-giving, it is simply a joyful gathering of friends and family. Great food and conversation, and maybe a college football game to aid the digestion. Priceless.

Rustic Thanksgiving Tablescape

Because Thanksgiving is such a lovely, all-day indoor affair, why not add to the ambiance with fall-inspired home décor? We invite you to peruse the Thanksgiving Pinterest board to get ideas for a festive table and beyond. To kickstart your creativity, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to prep for the big day.

First stop is a pin that’s all about gratitude.  After all, nothing sets a more positive tone for a Thanksgiving dinner than guests expressing gratitude. Clever ways to inspire sharing include kraft paper placemats with an “I am thankful for…” writing prompt that your guests can complete. Another idea is a big pumpkin spray-painted white on which all can write their messages of gratitude. Or, have your guests jot down what they are grateful for on small slips of paper, which you then roll up and bake in crescent rolls. Like a fortune cookie, everyone can open one up and guess who wrote it.

Give Thanks Napkin Idea

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