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Two months, eleven parties at BackCountry!

by Shea Homes Colorado on June 4, 2015


Ten days after Larry and Val Hay moved into their new BackCountry home, while most of us would be struggling to unpack, they hosted their first party. And within two months—from November 1 to January 1—they had hosted eleven parties.

What’s that all about? While you’d never accuse these two of being introverts, apparently there’s something about BackCountry that makes people want to throw parties.


Val says, “We were never this big on entertaining before. But BackCountry is extra-    friendly. It’s gated, so you know everyone you see is a neighbor. It’s just so easy to say ‘come over.’”

Larry agrees. “People walk by all the time, or we’ll just wave when people drive by and half the time they’ll stop to chat. Before you know it, we’ve invited them in and we’re sharing a beer or a glass of wine.”


Their home itself has also contributed to their entertaining ways. The Hays bought The Sunshower model, with an open flow between kitchen, dining room, and great room that allows for “lots of conversations going on,” says Val, and parties of up to 50—so far, anyway.

Hays-BackCountry_photo3 The kitchen itself is key, too. The Hays have an extended  island—nine feet long, five feet wide—that they can fit lots of chairs around, plus three  ovens and “a microwave that talks to you,” says Larry. This kitchen is a true playground  for Val, whom Larry describes as an instinctive cook who can whip up anything from  whatever’s in the spacious pantry.

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