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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Enter to Win a Shea House Party

by Shea Homes Arizona on October 20, 2017

Shea Homes Instagram Contest for a House Party
Let’s kick off this Saturday with a Shea Homes® contest. One lucky winner will get to invite 20 friends to watch the Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington game on Sunday, December 17 where we will provide not only the house but food, family friendly drinks and fun! To enter, follow @sheahomesaz on Instagram and tag two friends in the comments section on any one of our #sheahouseparty posts. The contest goes October 15th- November 15th so don’t miss your chance at hosting the best football party of the season!

And in case you need even more reasons to enter, here are ten!

Top 10 Reasons why you should Enter to Win a Shea House Party:

1) See what it is like to live in your ultimate dream home- even if it is only for a day.
2) Shea Homes knows how to throw a party.
3) Host your party in your favorite Shea Homes AZ active community model home.
4) Have a party, skip out on the clean-up.
5) You provide the friends. We provide the food and drinks.
6) The Cardinals, 20 of your closest friends, and FREE FOOD.
7) Your social calendar may prosper after your awesome game day party.
8) No fuss and all fun!
9) FOOTBALL and a beautiful Shea Home to enjoy it in.
10) Pick a community to enjoy the game inside and outside on a beautiful patio!

Head over to Instagram and follow @sheahomesaz, then comment for a chance to win!

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5 Party Tips that Make all the Difference

by Shea Homes on January 28, 2015

5-party-tips-to-make-a-differenceThe Sunday of all Sundays is finally almost here! Competition is heating up with the possibility of sweet victory or tragic defeat in the air.  The Big Game takes on many meanings; for die-hard football fans, this is the moment they have been waiting for all year – cheering, superstitious rituals, high-fives, tribal-like chants, money won, money lost and so on. For the more casual viewer, the big game is an excuse to throw a party for family and friends, eat sinfully delicious game food, and sneak in a drink (or two) before 5pm! Whether your guests are football fanatics or are tuning in to catch the commercials, we’re sharing five party tips to satisfy all ends of the fan spectrum.

1) DIY decorations that score!

Get your game face on with DIY decor that scores big on savings. Give your home a classy, yet sporty look with easy-to-make football inspired triangle garlands like these:

For garlands with letters, you can opt to practice good sportsmanship with a neutral message like “The Big Game” or crank up the competition with team names: “Go _______!”

Football party snack boxes serve as a festive decoration, but also function as bowls for popcorn, chips, crackers and other snacks. Guests can sit back on the couch with their snack box and munch away without the burden of reaching across the table (or more importantly, spilling on your upholstery!). If you run out of time to make all the boxes yourself, buy some brown paper bags and provide markers for guests to decorate their own! Not to mention, DIY snack boxes make an easy and fun arts & craft activity to keep the little ones busy during the game.

Our last decorating tip can be summed up in three words – Astroturf, Astroturf, Astroturf! Astroturf is cost effective, convenient (just pick it up at your local hardware store), and can function as drink coozies, coasters and even a table runner. Who would have thought?


2) Tips for guests who could care less about football

If you’re not a football fanatic, etiquette tip #1 is to downplay your lack of interest in the game (tweet this!)– no one likes a party pooper! Game day offers plenty of peripheral perks to keep everyone entertained (commercials, anyone?). As the game progresses, the die-hards naturally divide from the party goers, so in the spirit of the game, pick a team (no judgment if your decision is based on the color of the uniforms)! When the competition gets too heated for you, the kitchen is always a safe gathering spot for those seeking relaxed conversation and a break from the intensity of the game. Because food always becomes the main draw at any party, prepare a dish or two that stands out from the football finger food – like these quinoa stuffed peppers we found on Cooking Quinoa. Your guests who need a football distraction will thank you!


If you are worried about being bored or isolated from all the sports talk, bring a friend. The more the merrier!


3) Games to get everyone in the competitive spirit

It’s always fun to heighten the excitement of the game with some friendly competition off the field. The classic betting pool is a simple way to raise the stakes and get everyone invested in the outcome of the game. If throwing down money isn’t your thing, consider betting chores or favors!

Game day commercials are always a party hit. Create numbered commercial rating cards for guests to rate commercials in real time and stir up the chatter, or try a game of commercial bingo. We’ve created bingo cards here for you to print out!

Big-Game-Commercial-Bingo(click here to download and print bingo cards)

If planning ahead is not your thing, create an ad hoc game. Pick a word like “football” or “referee” that guests are not allowed to say throughout the game. If they do, create a penalty, such as wearing the opposing team’s jersey!


4) Easy game day recipes

As the game goes on, guests will need to take out their nervousness and excitement by munching on snacks. When entertaining guests, the typical hostess-with-the-mostess might opt for more glamorous gourmet, but on football Sunday, finger food is completely suitable and almost expected.

Game day guacamole is a sure way to score a touchdown with your guests – especially with this recipe from Gimme Some Oven. Let your culinary creativity shine by turning your guacamole staple into a stadium inspired dip station!


There are several ways to prepare your game day grub ahead of time as well. Crockpot chili and jalapeno poppers are always crowd favorites!

Finally, dessert always sweetens a victory…or defeat. We love the idea of this cupcake and beer pairing (just remember to label which cupcakes are for the adults)!


5) Last but not least – stock up with plenty of beverages!

If you ignore all other tips, stick to #5 to ensure your guests a great time no matter what by providing an abundance of brews.  Create a self-serve drink station by filling a silver trough with bottles of beer and wine, in addition to plenty of soda and water.

As long as it’s filled, even a cooler full of drinks will suffice!

Your party should have a relaxed and welcoming feel, so your guests feel at home in your home.  The number one tip when it comes to THE football Sunday of football Sundays is to keep it casual and have fun! Because like football….

How are you celebrating? Leave us a comment with your party tips!

Throwing parties and fun get togethers is always a great time, especially in a home you can call your own.  If you’re interested in owning a new home, come learn more about the variety of new homes from Shea Homes in these following locations:


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Shea Homes for the Touchdown!

by Shea Homes Arizona on September 6, 2013

Football season is no longer around the corner, it’s here and it’s time to pull out the salsa bowl and the face paint! Naturally, football season comes with parties, and these parties require a home to host. If the home ends up being yours, this may or may not be something you look forward to on what’s supposed to be the most relaxing day of the week… unless you do it thefb1 right way! If you really think about it, the men are going to be so into the games that all you need to keep them satisfied is the beverage of their choice and a bowl of chips. For the kids, just give them the backyard space to run around. For the women, it’s a great time to catch up with each other! So make the best of what would typically be an uneventful Sunday, and eat, drink, laugh and scream at the television! Whatever your feelings are, you don’t need to worry! We’ve done all the brainstorming and written the plays, so all you have to do is execute the game plan. Here are some ideas on how to get your home ready for Sunday football.

First and foremost, make sure there is enough seating around the television for everyone to get a good view, especially if the game is an important one! Remove lamps and knick knacks if they get in the way of the view from the kitchen, add a couple of extra chairs in the living room, or throw some bean bags or pillows on the floor for the older kids.  Just make sure that you avoid clutter, so the party still looks like you’ve got it under control!

After you’ve established a good seating area, get cooking! Though football parties do not typically require a large meal, food it still one of the most important components of a football fb4gathering. Stay away from being gourmet and stick to easy, finger foods. Some of these items may only require you to open a bag and pour into a bowl, such as chips, cookies, fruit, etc. If you want to put a little bit more effort into the finger food, try these simple and cheap recipes:

  • Mini hot dogs on a stick; everyone, including the kids, will love these!
  • Hot queso dip; have at least one dip set out. It’s easy to make a lot so everyone is served!
  • Buffalo chicken wings; always a football favorite.
  • End with these delicious apple “turnovers”.

Place all of your food trays, napkins, silverware, etc. on a long table decorated to the theme. Strategically place the table so that it is the designated area for your guests to grab what they need to cure their appetite. As guests will filter in and out of this area, keep it away from the action so no one is in the way of the busy kitchen area and most importantly the TV. If you really want to rise to the occasion, decorate the entire space! There is nothing like entering a house that visually embraces the football spirit! Hang up banners, flags or signs show that this is where the party is at.

fb5Always be prepared to accommodate the guests who don’t necessarily enjoy or understand the sport of football. Not to be stereotypical, but sometimes wives find themselves in this category. Simply set up a hangout area for them where they can catch up while enjoying the food. Setting up a table on the patio is perfect for them to watch the kids, or set up the kitchen table where they can keep an eye on the game, and the men!fb6

While it doesn’t take much to entertain the kids, always keep them in mind when planning a party. Get creative and get them a simple board like this to sharpen their throw. They will surely love it and keep busy for a while and you can count on the men joining them during half time!

Don’t dread these Sunday football parties, make them a memory!

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