4 Ways to Enhance Your Backyard for Summer

by Shea Homes Northern California on July 8, 2015


Tired of your boring back yard? Spruce it up with these 4 fabulous ideas from Modernize.com guest contributor Bryn Huntpalmer! Enhancing your backyard will create an oasis for you, and a great gathering place for friends and family. Check out these great ideas, then leave us your idea in the comments!

Add a Natural Pool
Natural pools are a recent phenomenon or an ancient one depending on how you look at it. The basic idea is that you can have a swimming hole in your backyard that doesn’t require any chemicals or weekly maintenance. Natural pools use a gentle filtration (gentle enough that a frog can pass through safely) and the proper placement of plants that are suited for water. The plants are actually what keeps the pool clean by naturally filtering the water and balancing the pH of the whole system. Not only are these pools a really cool water feature to add to your backyard but they are also a great place to cool off if you live in a hot climate.

Nature Pool

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4 Steps to a Successful Fourth

by Shea Homes Northern California on June 30, 2014


 Independence Day is just around the corner, so why not have a 4th of July party? Here’s are four tips to make your celebration a blast!Fireworks

1. Decide on the Guest List
First, be sure to pick a location for your festivities. Will you picnicking in the park, or having a backyard shindig? These factors will help you decide on the number of people you are able to accommodate. Large or small, we know your party will be a hit! Be sure to invite guests in a timely manner, and let them know what time to arrive. Let them know if they need to bring any special items with them, such as bathing suits or bug spray.

2. Festive Decor
Party decorations always make the mood lighter, no matter how dramatic or subtle. Your decorations will depend on your party location. For celebrations at home, you can spruce up your house with patriotic wreaths or a star-spangled garland. If you are outdoors, try adding flair with these colorful bandanna silverware mason jars.

3. Food, Food, Food… and Dessert!
Everyone knows that a great party needs great food, refreshments and, of course, dessert. Plan a potluck to take the pressure off hosting, or ask a few special guests to come early and help with preparations. If you want your party to scream Fourth of July, test your baking skills with this American flag pie, or try this simple 4th of July cheese tray. Looking for something more subtle? Check out these tasty summer BBQ recipes we found on Pinterest.

4. Fireworks
Look into local fireworks shows in your area, or decide on the quantity and variety of fireworks needed for your own event. Whether you are headed to a professional show, or using sparklers in the backyard, always make sure children are properly supervised while they are near these flammables. And remember to plan for proper disposal of used fireworks. We suggest having buckets of water available for firecrackers and sparklers.

Whatever your plans, may you and your loved ones have a happy and safe Independence Day. Be sure to leave comments letting us know how your party planning goes.

Looking for more ideas? Check out the festive recipes and decor on our Red, White & Blue Pinterest Board.

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