Shea3D: Another first for Shea Homes!

by Shea Homes Arizona on August 9, 2013

untitledShea Homes is challenging industry standards with the launch of its newest approach to home design and home building – Shea3D™. This all-new, patent-pending way of building homes provides home buyers with an opportunity that they’ve never had before – the chance to choose from a variety of interchangeable lifestyle-driven spaces.

Shea3D allows customers to pick from three unique main living spaces – Entertainment-centric, Kitchen-centric, and Outdoor-centric – empowering the customer to select the one that best fits their lifestyle. Whether the buyer is looking for a space that offers a single, continuous living area for entertainment; centralized, expansive kitchens for the gourmet chef; or easy access to an indoor-outdoor living experience, Shea3D offers homes tailored to the specific needs of individuals and families alike.

How did we think of this? Today’s families spend most of their time in the larger, more sociable areas of the home – outside in the backyard or downstairs in the communal living, dining, and kitchen areas. Whether you love to entertain, cook large family meals, or watch the little ones play outside, the open-space modules that we developed can accommodate any of that; and you can only find this concept at Shea Homes!

Here’s how it works: while touring Shea3D models, home buyers will be presented with a range of choices available, with each model home demonstrating a distinctly different Shea3D space. Any of those spaces – Entertainment-centric, Kitchen-centric, or Outdoor-centric – can be integrated into any of the Shea3D floor plans (YourPlans) offered within that series of homes, be it a single or two-story home or a four or five bedroom home. Shea3D homes are called “YourPlans” instead of, simply, “floor plans” because each home will complement the way our home buyers live. At Marbella Vineyards in Gilbert, there are 9 YourPlans and 3 lifestyle-centric spaces you can choose from to plug into your favorite YourPlan, creating a total of 27 different collective YourPlans.

Where can you find Shea3D homes? Home buyers can choose their customized space in the East Valley, where Shea3D made its grand entrance in Marbella Vineyards, Shea Homes Arizona’s newest Gilbert community. Marbella Vineyards is currently open, but lots are going fast! If you are interested in Marbella and Shea3D, visit them today for a tour of the beautiful model homes or go to www.SheaHomes.com/3d  to learn more about the concept and view YourPlans, photos, and pricing. You can also find Shea3D at a few upcoming West Valley communities in early 2014.

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