Awesomefest - April 13 and 14 at EastmarkPeer ahead in your calendar.

Do you see that? The luminous sheen over next Friday and Saturday? The glowing lights, the live music, the smell of roasted pecans mingling with the tantalizing smells of a dozen food trucks? It can only be one thing…

AWESOMEFEST! And this year, Eastmarks’ annual bash has too much awesome for just one night, so for the first time ever the festivities will overflow into TWO nights of fun! (April 13 is for residents only and April 14 is open to the public.)

Things kick off on the April 13 with AwesomeEve, a residents-only shindig for the young and young at heart alike. Kids will get the chance to dance and play with the Be Kind Crew, a local group of young leaders who promote kindness through personal expression, spoken word poetry, and urban dance. Together they’ll create a routine that the kids will perform on Saturday night, right in the heart of AwesomeFest! Meanwhile, as dusk paints the Superstitions in pale zinfandel light, adults will be settling around farmhouse tables for a family-style, chef-prepared dinner. Enjoy farm-fresh produce from Erich Shultz of Steadfast Farms, specialty local wines and craft beers, as well as live music and stimulating conversation as the stars come out to look on with envy.

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4th of July Events Around The Valley of the Sun

by Shea Homes Arizona on June 30, 2017

Fourth of July Around PhoenixWith Independence Day just days away, we have put together a list of some fun Valley events you might want to check out. Be safe and enjoy!

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When you live in a Shea Homes entertainment-centric home, it’s easy to find reasons to throw a party. We know some new Shea homeowners who feel compelled to join a book club, just so they can entertain! Others suddenly find themselves celebrating every family member’s half-birthday – cake and all. No matter what the occasion, the right décor can turn simply so-so into breathtakingly beautiful.

Here are some great tips that won’t break the bank and will leave you asking, when can we do this again?

  1. A party staple is candlelight, but no one wants candle clean up duty. When planning your lighting, don’t underestimate tea lights. These little, self-contained candles can be purchased in bulk and are inexpensive. Set out a few dozen, indoors and out, to add sparkle and ambience for pennies without leaving any mess. Set them in groupings for more intense light or solo for soft spot lighting.
  2. To keep your guests moving, set food and beverages in different “stations” around your home – mix it up and move it around, using both indoors and outdoors. Place food in a few different areas with drinks in yet another to encourage guests to mix and mingle. This prevents the “water cooler” gatherings and provides opportunities for plenty of fun.
  3. Save money on flowers by cutting flowers or greens from your own yard, or put some whole citrus in a vase. Drop colored beads or crystals into a narrow clear, glass vase with lemon-lime soda. Thee effervescence will bubble up and cause the beads to float.
  4. When it comes to flatware and dinnerware, forget matchy-matchy. If serving a buffet, combine white plates with colors to give an eclectic look with silverware of all sorts and styles to make a complete collection of useful and beautiful elements. When setting a table, mix up the settings so everyone has a matching set of a colorful combination. If you want to expand your look, try the local second-hand store for inexpensive sets of dishes, or specific pieces.
  5. To cap off your event, nothing sets a mood like music! Create a playlist to fit your theme, or start with something mellow and build the beat as the night goes on.

Above all, enjoy yourself!


A Birthday Bash to Build Hope

by Shea Homes Arizona on August 14, 2015


Giving back is extremely important and something that we at Shea Homes take pride in doing. Shea Homes Arizona recently teamed up with UMOM New Day Centers, Inc. and HandsOn Greater Phoenix and threw a birthday bash that will never be forgotten. The bash focused on giving homeless families living in the Watkins shelter a special celebration. Held at the Watkins Emergency Shelter, this event was for 20-30 kids and their families. The kids enjoyed games, music, face painting, snacks and birthday cake!

Our entire Shea Community Representative team came out to celebrate!

Shea Homes Team - Watkins Shelter Birthday Bash Watkins Shelter Birthday Bash Gift Table

“It’s not that uncommon in this day and age where people run into some personal or financial difficulty and find themselves displaced from their homes,” said Michael Floor, the Shea Homes Community Representative who organized the event. “It was rewarding to be a part of their day to cut loose and have some fun.”

The Watkins Emergency Shelter has served over 2,000 women and 329 families all across Phoenix. About 80 percent of those individuals have a past of violence or sexual abuse. The goal of the event was to bring hope to a healing community. Watkins is managed and operated by UMOM, which is the largest shelter for homeless families in the state of Arizona. UMOM’s goal is to keep families together while offering them everything they can to get them back on their feet.

Shea Homes Community Representative Mike Coffey said, “It was an awesome experience, incredibly humbling, and a great reminder of how blessed I am.”