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Plan before you plant.

by Shea Homes Colorado on May 26, 2016


Is it a mere coincidence that plan precedes plant in the dictionary? We think not. As any master gardener will tell you, a thoughtful plan is as indispensable a tool as, say, your gardening spade. And, as any sun-starved gardener will tell you, the snowy/rainy days of early spring are the perfect time to strategize for the growing season to come. To help guide our Shea homeowners in all their upcoming gardening adventures—especially those who have recently moved into a new home that needs a few final landscaping touches—we’ve gathered the helpful links below.

BackCountry Model Front

Your first stop is actually very close to home at Shea Homes’ Pinterest Plan Before You Plant board.  Container gardening is a smart choice if your yard is small, or maybe you just need some color and texture for your porch or patio. Chances are good that you’ll find a terrific solution from these 121 Container Gardening Ideas or these suggestions that focus on heat- and drought-tolerant succulent container plants, complete with instructions on propagating from the mere pinch of a neighbor’s plant. (Talk about economical.) If you long to grow a bit of your own food, but don’t want to lose a chunk of your yard, try vegetable container gardening.  You’d be surprised how much yield you can get from small spaces. Wondering when it’s safe to plant those veggies? Keep this planting guide handy, and you’ll know not to plant your tender peppers and eggplant until June 1.

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Reunion’s other parks

by Shea Homes Colorado on March 31, 2016


If “going to the park” brings to mind a trip to Reunion Park, that’s not altogether surprising. After all, with approximately 52 acres that include trails, athletic fields, an amphitheater, a rec center, and eight acres of lakes and waterfalls, Reunion Park is without question the community’s crown jewel.

Reunion Park

But there are many more gems to discover at Reunion™ a Shea Homes® Community. As the community has grown, so has its collection of pocket parks—smaller neighborhood oasis near enough for impromptu play dates, Frisbee tosses, or clear-your-head alone time. Having these little green getaways just a few steps from home adds to everyone’s quality of life. Here’s the lowdown on the 10 other parks Reunion families enjoy. [read more…]


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Seven ways to stay healthy this winter.

by Shea Homes Colorado on January 22, 2016


Here we are in the doldrums of winter, with January mostly behind us and all of February ahead. Prime time for the sniffles or worse, right? Well, not necessarily. Consider taking a few preventive measures, such as the seven very doable suggestions below. Good news: becoming a germophobic, surgical mask-wearing hermit is not required.

1. You are what you eat. No kidding.
More and more, research is confirming what moms have been saying forever. Healthier foods make a healthier you. So, which foods provide the best prevention?

According to this article on FamilyCircle.com, fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, and fish are healthy choices year-round, but according to Bonnie TaubDix, R.D., these foods give an extra boost to your body’s infection-defeating abilities. Carrots, bell peppers, kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and squash are beta-carotene powerhouses that protect the lining of the nose, trapping germs before they can infect you. In a study at the University of Florida, people who consumed two cups of green tea daily for three months had 32% fewer colds than those who didn’t. Nonfat Greek yogurt boosts immunity with high protein and live and active cultures. One serving of salmon contains up to 1,000 IU of vitamin D, which a University of Colorado, Denver, study found can stave off colds. In another recent study, people who took a daily garlic supplement had 36% fewer colds over the course of a year.

Eating locally may be even more important than eating organically, says WebMD.com.  Because the trip from farm to table is faster, a head of locally grown lettuce, for example, may be more nutrientdense than one shipped coast to coast.

Eat Local

Also, a diet low in refined sugar strengthens the immune system and can potentially protect the body against cold and flu, says Alan Gaby, M.D., who specializes in nutritional medicine. “Some doctors have observed that people who reduce sugar consumption have fewer infections and are generally healthier overall,” he says.

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Ready, Set, Play at Winding Path Park!

by Shea Homes Colorado on December 15, 2014










There’s no better way to enjoy a beautiful day than with an invigorating walk on the Stepping Stone trails. May we suggest Winding Path Park as your destination? The park, completed in July, offers more than five acres of outdoor beauty and fun.

Reflecting the community’s design values of Exploration, Discovery, and Delight, the park uses actual stepping stones in both practical and artistic ways throughout. Winding Path Park features a shade structure with large stepping stones, expansive grassy play areas, gardens, and playgrounds surrounded by more natural areas. Pathways are made easily navigable at nighttime by LED solar-powered lights.

Parks are an essential ingredient at Stepping Stone, and Winding Path Park is just one link on the community’s necklace of beautiful, functional parks. Three more are already planned – Sunburst Park, Four Square Park, and Butterfly Park – so stay tuned for updates.  If being part of a master-planned community is important to you be sure to visit today to explore Stepping Stone and the Shea SPACES Discovery Collection.  For additional information, please call 720-851-1444 or visit SheaHomes.com.





Everything tastes better outside. Bring your dinner to the picnic pavilion, no occasion required.










These over-sized stones were made to tromp on, just the way kids love to do at their favorite campsite.








Large, grassy areas offer prime space for soccer, football, and impromptu games of capture-the-flag.








Creative play structures let your kids’ imagination call the shots. Another playground is just steps away, next to the Lantern House.