Helpful Hacks for Homeowners

by Shea Homes on October 5, 2016



Weekends are for fun. Which is why we put off the chores we need to do so often. But with a little prep and some useable know-how, you can tackle that list and get back to the things you enjoy. Check out our round up of checklists and hacks to finally get your to-do list done.

Get Organized


Are you ready to put everything in its place once and for all? Start with our organizational overhaul checklist. From the junk drawer to the garage, you’ll be able to keep progress moving forward so you can spend less time figuring out how to organize everything and more time getting it done. Next, set up your crew to help get the job done faster. Start by putting three large boxes or storage bins in each room on your list and label them “trash”, “donate” and “keep”. Then, assign each member of the family to a different room with the following rules to sort out the clutter:

  • Get rid of junk. Toss obvious trash or completely unusable items into the trash box.
  • Donate unused items. Place items that haven’t been used in at least two years into the donate box.
  • Donate what you’ve outgrown. Place too-small children’s items that can’t be handed down into the donate box.
  • Identify what stays. Put items that will stay in the house in the keep box.
Once the clutter has been sorted, go through the box of things to keep and store them with other like-items. This will make it easier to find everything when its needed.

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From paint types to color tips, here are things you should know before you start painting your home.

Are you tired of staring at the same old walls? Looking for a fun pop of color to freshen things up in your living space? It just may be time to repaint a few rooms in your home. While it can be exciting to hunt for that perfect wall color, we know it can be tricky determining the right kind of paint to get the job done.

To help you through the process, we here at Shea Homes have put together the infographic below outlining some simple tips for when you decide to repaint. Whether you’re looking to repaint your living room, master bedroom or home office, read through the infographic and save all your decisions in the free downloadable document below – it will help you remember what paint you used years from now.
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