Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with an Ice Cream Party

by Shea Homes Arizona on July 8, 2016

National Ice Cream Month
July is National Ice Cream month! What better reason to grab a cup or cone, invite the neighbors over and celebrate! Here are five fun ways to enjoy this cool sweet treat with family and friends.

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Tailgate at Home with these Football Finger Foods and Party Games

by Shea Homes Arizona on November 20, 2015


Can’t make it to the University of Phoenix Stadium this Sunday for our Shea Homes tailgate on Nov. 22? No worries! Round up your friends and neighbors and host your very own celebration to cheer on your favorite team.

Football Fare

Need tailgate menu inspiration? Look no further. We’ve put together our favorite crowd-pleasing finger food recipes right here. And boost the fun factor with our favorite football-themed party games.

Hawaiian Ham & Swiss Sliders

Photo credit: King’s Hawaiian

This slider recipe takes 30 minutes to make and is fully customizable. Make your own sauce or use a variety of cheeses.

Pretzel Dogs

Photo credit: Buns in my Oven

This recipe brings a twist to a classic by wrapping hot dogs in pretzel dough. Save time by using pre-made dough. (Or go with an even simpler approach with this Pig in a Blanket recipe!)
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When you live in a Shea Homes entertainment-centric home, it’s easy to find reasons to throw a party. We know some new Shea homeowners who feel compelled to join a book club, just so they can entertain! Others suddenly find themselves celebrating every family member’s half-birthday – cake and all. No matter what the occasion, the right décor can turn simply so-so into breathtakingly beautiful.

Here are some great tips that won’t break the bank and will leave you asking, when can we do this again?

  1. A party staple is candlelight, but no one wants candle clean up duty. When planning your lighting, don’t underestimate tea lights. These little, self-contained candles can be purchased in bulk and are inexpensive. Set out a few dozen, indoors and out, to add sparkle and ambience for pennies without leaving any mess. Set them in groupings for more intense light or solo for soft spot lighting.
  2. To keep your guests moving, set food and beverages in different “stations” around your home – mix it up and move it around, using both indoors and outdoors. Place food in a few different areas with drinks in yet another to encourage guests to mix and mingle. This prevents the “water cooler” gatherings and provides opportunities for plenty of fun.
  3. Save money on flowers by cutting flowers or greens from your own yard, or put some whole citrus in a vase. Drop colored beads or crystals into a narrow clear, glass vase with lemon-lime soda. Thee effervescence will bubble up and cause the beads to float.
  4. When it comes to flatware and dinnerware, forget matchy-matchy. If serving a buffet, combine white plates with colors to give an eclectic look with silverware of all sorts and styles to make a complete collection of useful and beautiful elements. When setting a table, mix up the settings so everyone has a matching set of a colorful combination. If you want to expand your look, try the local second-hand store for inexpensive sets of dishes, or specific pieces.
  5. To cap off your event, nothing sets a mood like music! Create a playlist to fit your theme, or start with something mellow and build the beat as the night goes on.

Above all, enjoy yourself!


Shea3D Kitchen-centric plan: Release your inner chef

by Shea Homes Arizona on October 23, 2015

You may not always be a big party kind of guy or the girl who could stare up at the stars for hours, but what you are is a chopping wizard, a taster of simmering sauces, a chaser of the perfect cook on even the toughest of meats. But there is more to it. Behind the chef is the belief that food brings people together.

That belief is why Shea3D offers a Kitchen-centric plan—It’s the extra dimension of personalization that allows you to put your passion for food and hospitality at the epicenter of your home’s design.

The Kitchen-centric plan features an expansive, centralized kitchen with merged breakfast and dining areas. With a large kitchen island, you have the perfect culinary space to allow your inner chef, host, or foodie enjoy life at home to the fullest. We collaborated with professional chefs to create ideal kitchen workspaces with elegant, high-quality amenities that are built to last.

Kitchen-centric floorplans are offered at any of our Shea3D communities—just look for the Shea3D Dream, Design, Dwell logo. Visit us today to see in person what difference a kitchen and home built with you in mind can make.

For more information about Shea Homes’ communities across the Valley, visit our website or you can call us toll free:1-866-696-7432.  To watch our informational videos, please visit our YouTube channel.  To see our pretty pictures, check out our Instagram. To find out your design style, check out our Houzz. For more information on Shea Homes and what we’re up to in Arizona, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join us for some inspiration on Pinterest.

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