Pinstrocities: Deceivingly simple pins

by Shea Homes Arizona on July 12, 2013

As many of you know, Shea Homes Arizona has become very active in the pinning world lately. Though we don’t always test out the pins we pin, we came across a blog that documents all the pins-gone-wrong, otherwise known as “pinstrocities”. Below are a few pins-gone-wrong from the Pinstrocity blog that we figured would give you a good warning before taking on these deceivingly simple pins!

1.1Pet Photos

How adorable is this pet photo for a Christmas card? Whether this dog is mellow because of old age or he’s just an all-around good dog, he took a great photo! Now if1.2 you have a puppy in his terrible two’s, you may want to rethink how you execute this plan.

The Pinstrocity bloggers attempted this photo with their pup, and it didn’t exactly scream “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”. While the stick is in your dog’s mouth, try finding something to hold up that he or she likes more than a tree branch. This will get their attention! Then be quick to snap the photo.

1.3Lush Landscapes

The original pin on the left said that to get your grass this green 1.4and prevent yellowing, just dilute Epsom salt in plenty of water and then spray it all over the grass with a tank sprayer or lawn spreader. Perfect during the winter season, right? Well, Epsom salt does prevent yellowing, but apparently not “purple-ing”.


Easy-Bake Eggs1.5

This next pin-gone-wrong claims that baking raw eggs in a muffin tin creates the perfect hard-boiled egg. Just preheat your oven to 325 degrees and pop the eggs in for 25-30 minutes! They’re allegedly tastier and easier to peel. According to this Pinstrocity, we’ll stick to boiling our eggs!

1.6Cookie Catastrophe

This single-serve chocolate chip cookie in a mug prevents your temptation to eat a whole batch of 1.7cookies by yourself. And it looks delicious! By creating simple cookie dough with all of the usual ingredients to bind the dough together, press the dough in a mug and microwave for 30-60 seconds! Voilà! Or maybe not… The pinner who created this Pinstrocity simply neglected reading the directions and it ended up dry, crumbly and not tasty!


1.81.9Hair Problems

As women dominate the Pinterest world, hair Pinstrocities are all over the Hair and Beauty page! Ombré has made its mark among women’s style and is very popular these days, but a rather difficult technique to pull off at home. If you look at this Pinstrocity, it turned out more like a pinstripe. For a look like this, stick to going to a hair color specialist!

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All photos are from Pinterest and the Pinstrocity Blog.