Shea Mortgage can help you pre-qualify for a new home!

by Shea Homes Arizona on March 7, 2014

Finding out if you qualify for a mortgage is the deciding factor of your future to settle down in a beautiful home, but with Shea Mortgage, we make it as effortless as possible. In this blog, we will give you a recap of our YouTube video, taking you through the quick and easy steps to fill out your mortgage pre-qualification form. The best part, it’s all online and you don’t need to gather any additional documents just yet! Simply begin by going to You can also find Shea Mortgage through and scrolling down to the very bottom of the page, where Shea Mortgage is listed under Shea Companies.

On the left sidebar of the website, there are six buttons to page links that are listed 1) Mortgage Center 2) Apply Now 3) Resources 4) FAQs 5) Calculators, and 6) Loan Originators. You will start your pre-qualification process by clicking on the Loan Originators button so that your application gets to the right loan officer.


Next, you will scroll through the Loan Originators page and choose the loan officer that represents the communities you are interested in. You will know which loan officer to choose after you have visited a Shea Homes community where the sales representative has advised you the correct loan officer for that community.

You will be brought to your loan officer’s page, where their contact information is listed along with an “Apply Now” link. Click this link to get started filling out your pre-qualification form for Shea Mortgage.1.2

You will be brought to a page that gives you two options: 1) Start a new application or 2) Finish and existing application. Choose option one, and then go through the steps to create your login username and password.

The next tab, titled “Start App”, takes you through the Federal Law Requirements, Browser Specifications and important disclosure information. Take a minute to read this through, and click “Next”. The following page hosts the most important question, “What can Shea Mortgage do for you?” Four options are listed. Since this tutorial is for pre-qualification, we will go ahead and click that, which means you are shopping for homes and do not have an accepted contract with Shea Homes just yet. A few more questions follow about who is applying, how the home will be used, request for your email address, and how you heard about Shea Mortgage.1.6

Click “Next” and begin entering your estimated property details as accurately as possible. For the “Purchase Price” box on this page, be sure to list a price that would include the base price of the home, plus any potential upgrades you may choose.

The next few pages require personal information, such as your social security number, date of birth, current address, employment information, etc. There is a box you must check stating that Shea Mortgage may obtain your credit report. If you have already had your credit report pulled at a Shea Homes community with a community representative, your loan officer will obtain your report from that community rep.1.3

After entering your personal information, you will land on the “Asset Info” tab where you will specify the types of assets you’ll be using for the cash required to close.

1.4Click “Next” and you will fill out simple questions about your personal history and background. At the bottom of this page, you will be asked if you would like to review all your application information before submitting to your loan officer. Click yes, and you will be brought to a screen that collectively shows all the information you just filled out on one page. In the top right corner, you can print this information by clicking the printer icon.

Click “Next” and you will see a box asking if you would like to add any extra information. This is a good opportunity to list the communities you are interested in.1.5

Hit “Submit Application” and you will be contacted by your loan officer shortly!

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