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Post image for Mom, I’m bored. (Said no BackCountry kid ever.)

Mom, I’m bored. (Said no BackCountry kid ever.)

by Shea Homes Colorado on June 22, 2015


Okay so that’s wishful thinking, but it’s no exaggeration that BackCountry is an incredible place to be a kid. You see it in the way children ride their bikes freely and play in happy little packs, roaming from yard to yard and house to house. (Gated communities where people know each other promote that kind of easygoing vibe.) And naturally, the Sundial pool and abundant parks and open spaces are huge kid magnets in the summer. But BackCountry’s child-friendly planned events also play a critical role in keeping the young’uns busy, physically active, and connected with each other year-round.

Science Kids

BackCountry boasts an exceptionally active HOA, guided by full-time Lifestyle Director Britany Chambers and a committee of residents. Together, they plan special events that target the interests of all kinds of residents, including the young ones. Case in point, this kids-only science event featuring exotic animals and cool experiments that use everyday items.


Easter Egg Hunt

Or annual Easter Egg hunts with a special appearance by a very popular, cotton-tailed guest.




Superhero PartyOr an afternoon of star-struck hobnobbing with Rapunzel and Spiderman at a Superhero and Princess Party.

So what’s on tap for kids this summer? Below, you can read about a couple of annual favorites followed by a complete summer calendar of activities planned with BackCountry’s youngest residents in mind. Get ready. It’s going to be a fun-filled summer for children at BackCountry. [read more…]


Post image for And the award goes to… the model homes of Stepping Stone.

And the award goes to… the model homes of Stepping Stone.

by Shea Homes Colorado on February 11, 2015


In the waning days of 2014, Shea Homes at Stepping Stone was honored with a win for Best Interior Merchandising of a Model. The Marketing and Merchandising Excellence (MAME) Award, given by the Home Builder’s Association of Metro Denver, recognized the exceptional interior design of Shea’s 3507 Model, one of their collection’s smaller plans at 2,090 square feet. Perfect for first-time buyers, this plan inspired the designers of Ellis Hays Design to appeal to the tastes of a young family, using bright colors, durable materials, and modern, playful styles. As Diana Ellis, principal at the design firm, explains, “We imagined a family with a baby or toddler, so we wanted a comfortable feeling. Furnishings that weren’t super high-end, maybe even repurposed, since realistically they might even be scratched or colored on.”

3507 Dining Family 3507 Kitchen







The firm sought to complement the family-friendly design inherent in the floor plan. Ellis notes that Shea’s aptly named SPACES Collection really does offer “lots of different spaces that can be utilized in different ways.” She likes the way Plan 3507 is open and connected, but zoned out for a family’s different activities. “It’s great for family time,” she points out. “There’s a sitting area with a sofa where you can watch TV, but adjacent to it is a more intimate area where kids can play games, read, or do homework. And both areas are close to the kitchen, so whoever is cooking can interact with the rest of the family.”

3507 Family Room







This open concept floor plan has proven popular with customers, too. They often comment on the lack of wasted space and the ability to get three bedrooms, a loft, and main-floor office in an economically-priced home.

3507 Master Bedroom 3507 Baby Room







Of course, this is only one of Shea’s model homes available for touring at Stepping Stone. Feel free to explore them all and decide which one is your blue ribbon winner.


Baby proofing your home: 5 things you may have missed

by Shea Homes Arizona on October 9, 2014


All new parents do their best to eliminate potential hazards from their home. Sometimes, however, even the best efforts aren’t enough. Make sure you don’t miss these five frequently overlooked baby proofing items.

Mom and dad’s medicine

A child is admitted to the ER every eight minutes because of medicine poisoning. Keep prescription and over-the-counter medications locked up so babies, toddlers and older children can’t get to them. RxArmory is a safe, convenient and affordable method of securing prescription medications in the home medicine cabinet, closet, drawer or cabinet, protecting kids by eliminating the risk of availability. All new Shea Homes in Arizona come with an RxArmory medicine storage unit.

PS Packaging Front ViewTable salt

Other than the risk it poses to our blood pressure, salt seems to be a pretty harmless table-top item, right? According to Debra Smiley Holtzman, author of The Safe Baby, table salt can pose a serious hazard to babies and infants. Just a half teaspoon of table salt ingested by an infant or a tablespoon of salt ingested by a toddler can cause damage to his central nervous system.

Recalled products

In most cases, parents need to be proactive in researching recalled products. Otherwise, you may not know which furniture, toys or even clothing could be an accident waiting to happen. Visit or or call the Consumer Product Safety Commission at (800) 638-2772 for the most up to date recall information.


Large and heavy items

When you bring home a new baby, it may seem like you have all the time in the world before the little one is cruising around the house and pulling up on furniture. Unfortunately, some parents forget to tether large heavy objects like television sets and bookcases before it’s too late. A 201 study showed roughly one child is ending up in the ER every 30 minutes due to a falling television. If you have children in your home, eliminate tipping hazards by secure heavy items to a stud in the wall using brackets, braces, anchors or wall straps. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Latex balloons

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics,latex balloons are responsible for more choking deaths than any other item. Most of these fatalities are among children age 6 and younger. Keep balloons out of reach to prevent uninflated or pieces of broken latex from forming a tight seal and blocking a child’s airway. A 1995 Consumer Products Safety Commission review found that children had inhaled latex balloons whole (often while trying to inflate them) or choked on small broken balloon fragments.


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How to… On

by Shea Homes Arizona on June 27, 2014


Did you know that you can arrange and rearrange your furniture on Or what about pre-qualifying for a mortgage? Or tour our models from your living room? Or even find your next home?

At Shea Homes, we want you to have all the tools you need to learn about the communities and homes we build and to help you find just what you are looking for. That’s why we’ve made the one-stop-spot for every step along the way as you research, choose and design your new home. Below are some quick guides for making the most of some of these great tools!

5 Can’t Miss Web-tools for Designing Your New Home

Whether you are planning the layout, colors and décor of your new home or you are just dreaming about the future, there are some awesome web-tools out there to help visualize your plans and dreams. Here are five tools we hope will help you get in the groove designing the inside of your dream home!

How to Find Your Next Home Using

Are you hoping to find your dream home in the Valley of the Sun but you’re not quite ready to start touring models in person? Watch this video to learn step by step how to find the home of your dreams on

Shea Mortgage can help you pre-qualify for a new home!

Finding out what kind of mortgage you qualify for is a big deciding factor as you look to settle down in a beautiful home, but with Shea Mortgage, we make it as effortless as possible. In this blog, we will take you through the quick and easy steps to fill out your mortgage pre-qualification form. You can also watch a quick video in this article that can answer any big questions you might have about pre-qualification.

Top Ten Ways the SpaceBuilder App Can Help You Design Your Home and Get Move-in Ready

Get a head start on planning your home layout using the Shea Homes SpaceBuilder! With the ability to visualize key features of your floor plan as well as place and modify furniture, fixtures and other aspects of the home, it’s sure to help you get a great visual sense of how your new home will come together.

Take a virtual step into your new Shea Home…

Step into a virtual tour of what each Shea Home offers through Shea Homes Arizona’s website, where the family-feel of the living spaces and fresh air of the open backyards radiate through your computer screen. Learn how to take a virtual tour by clicking the link above!

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Find Yourself at Ridgeview and Hideaway at Johnson Ranch

February 7, 2014

As a master planned community, Johnson Ranch is designed for today’s active family lifestyle. The community offers exciting amenities such as multiple recreation centers, pools, spas, picnic pavilions with built in barbecues, lighted tennis and basketball courts, softball and soccer fields, playgrounds and pocket parks, an eighteen hole public golf course, club house, a catch […]

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