Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with an Ice Cream Party

by Shea Homes Arizona on July 8, 2016

National Ice Cream Month
July is National Ice Cream month! What better reason to grab a cup or cone, invite the neighbors over and celebrate! Here are five fun ways to enjoy this cool sweet treat with family and friends.

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Welcome, fall. Or shall we say, Crockpot and football season.

by Shea Homes Colorado on November 9, 2015


Goodbye, summer heat—and our fixation on salads, grilling, and anything that doesn’t heat up the kitchen. Fall kicks off the season for tasty, hearty fare that warms up your belly, soul, and sometimes, happily, your kitchen too.

Now that the Denver Broncos are back in business, why not gather with your fellow neighbors over a football game and, perhaps, a crockpot full of barbecue? In honor of our Shea Colorado communities, so well-known for its friendly get-togethers, we have created several Pinterest boards for you to explore—to get your mouth watering with seasonally inspired recipes, and your creativity awhirl with ideas for crafty autumn party décor. Here are some highlights.

Starting with crockpots, here’s a board devoted to the art of fix-it-and-forget-it. If you are operating under the impression that slow cooking menus are limited to soups and beans, check out the recipes for a savory and light sweet potato gratin, Chinese-style barbecue, and lasagna described as “the easiest lasagna you will ever make.” Sold.


On Shea Homes’ Welcome Fall, you’ll find more slow cooker recipes, as well as many other kinds. You’ll never miss your summertime grill with this Peppered Corn on the Cob…wrapped in bacon. Want another barbecue variation, maybe on the sweet, Southern side? Here’s Pulled Pork with Bourbon-Peach Barbecue Sauce. And should you need some festive ambiance to go with all that good food, check out this board, 39 Clever Tailgating DIYs To Get You In The Spirit. Think pennant-shaped cupcake toppers, downloadable party invitations, and custom drink labels.

Pulled Pork

You’ll find another board that’s unabashedly devoted to the Broncos. Snag a recipe for a Denver Broncos cocktail made of blue Cucacao, vodka, and blood orange soda. Or some irresistible orange and blue, candy-studded Broncos cookies. Or how about a whole Broncos-inspired menu, from appetizers to dessert?

Broncos Cookies

Hungry yet? If not, then check in often. Pins are always being added, so be sure to take a look before your next gathering.

For more information on our Shea Homes Collections and what we’re up to at the Colorado division, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, Google+ and YouTube, and get inspired with us on Pinterest.



Ready to ditch the squash and potatoes and lighten up the menu? We certainly are! It’s natural to fill our bellies with hearty foods that warm our insides during those cold winter months. But as temperatures heat up and fresh fruits and vegetables reappear on the culinary scene, our palette prefers a lighter, more vibrant fare. If you are one for spring dining outdoors, try your hand at designing the patio you’ve been dreaming about so you can enjoy meals outside all season long.

Eating seasonally provides a range of benefits. By purchasing produce during its peak growing season, prices go down and your savings go up! Fruits and vegetables are available in more areas, as opposed to only in locations with year-round growing seasons. This cuts down on shipping costs and time, resulting in more affordable, fresher and tastier food.

The benefits of seasonal eating could go on and on, which is why we created this handy guide of ingredients for spring, and rounded up some of our favorite recipes that incorporate the fixings. (Make sure to pin it for your next grocery run). If you are wondering what foods are in season near you, check out Epicurious’ seasonal ingredient map.


1)    Quinoa Salad with Asparagus, Peas, Avocado & Lemon Basil Dressing


This satiable salad combines three seasonal ingredients from our list, along with quinoa and a light lemon balsamic dressing, making it a healthful option for lunch or dinner. This gluten free, vegetarian dish can be served warm or cold, and makes a delightfully sin-free side or main.

2)    Grilled Salmon with Mint & Basil Sauce

Fresh mint…we can almost smell it now! Mint is notorious for its ability to add a burst of fresh flavor to a range of cocktails, such as the infamous mint mojito. But, it’s also a glorious compliment to several spring sauces. We love how the mint paired with lemon and basil in this creamy sauce adds some spring zing to your everyday grilled salmon.

3)    Rhubarb Cupcakes

Referred to as the “the first fruit of the season,”   rhubarb grows like wild flowers in the spring and can undoubtedly be found in any garden, farmers market or grocery store this time of the year. (If you are starting your own spring garden, here are some tips to get you underway.)  Rhubarb is often paired with strawberries – another spring fruit – and adds a sweet tang to any dish. Instead of the traditional strawberry-rhubarb pie, tryout a new rhubarb dessert, like these pastel pink rhubarb cupcakes for your next spring fling.

4)    Quinoa Salad with Spinach, Strawberries and Blueberries

Bring on the berries! Springtime marks the beginning of the growing season for most fruits, which means a break from buying frozen and a real treat for our taste buds. It’s also the time when spinach is harvested, making this next recipe an ideal spring meal. Simply combine the seasonal ingredients with quinoa and drizzle the homemade balsamic vinaigrette for a light and satisfying lunch or afternoon snack.

5)    Chicken Artichoke Flatbread

Artichokes are available year round, but their peak season is March through May. While a bit tricky to prepare (and to figure out how to eat if you’re a first timer), this delectable vegetable adds smooth flavor and texture to any spring dish. Here are some tips on artichoke preparation from Food & Wine.  To impress guests at your next spring soirée, bring out this easy Chicken Artichoke Flatbread appetizer, which also includes fresh, seasonal spinach!

6)    Strawberry Rhubarb Mojito

Spring calls for lively libations to sip into the sunset as the days continue to get longer.  To upgrade your patio for spring entertaining, check out these clever tips.  When choosing what cocktails to serve, think light and crisp. We love how this mojito recipe blends so many spring ingredients and takes a surprising turn from the traditional mojito.  Naturally sweet, this recipe calls for simple syrup as an option, making it the perfect drink to enjoy in preparation for what’s next — swimsuit season!

7)    Green Goddess Pasta

Frozen, then thawed, heated up and consumed, peas sometimes get a bad rep. But eat them fresh and your perception on peas will totally change. With peas, asparagus, avocado, and arugula, this recipe is named “Green Goddess” for a reason and packs a punch of nutrients and taste.  PS. if you have never tried avocado with pasta before, now is the time to get adventurous.

8)    Simple Oat & Pecan Blueberry Crisp

Spring cooking is all about highlighting the natural taste of delicious foods that are bursting with flavor this time of the year. This simple blueberry crisp brings the delicate blueberry flavor front and center, making it a clear choice for a spring dessert. The oats and pecans keep the calories down to keep you feeling light, carefree and content – just like spring!

We are always looking for fun ideas for spring entertaining, so share your secret, seasonal recipes below. What is your favorite time of the year for eating seasonally?


Autumn’s in the Air

by Shea Homes Northern California on October 1, 2014

Fall Home Decor
Fall leaves, apple pie and pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Here are some simple ideas to get your home and family ready for the season.

Autumn decor will be sure to get your family and friends in a festive mood. And while pumpkins are definitely a staple of the season, your home’s stylish decor does not have to fall by the wayside for these orange gourds. Try a modern take on fall that draws on colors of fall, or try using painted gourds when creating your decorative tablescape. Take a look at our Fall Decor Ideas board on Pinterest for subtle ways to decorate your front door, mantle, and even your kitchen.

Pumpkin Layer Cake |

Now that fall is upon us, Thanksgiving truly is just around the corner. It’s never too early to start planning your menu, especially if you are expecting a large number of guests or extended family visits. Looking for recipes to suit even the pickiest tastebuds? Go beyond Pinterest and traditional cook books!

Here are our favorite mealtime resources from across the web:

And of course, every great meal requires great dessert. That’s why Shea Homes Northern California created this Fall Inspired Treats Pinterest board that will not disappoint. Be sure to try out this delicious Pumpkin Layer Cake Recipe by Jennifer Carrol of the Celebrating Everyday Life Blog. And don’t miss these White Chocolate Cranberry Macadamia Cookies or this Oh-So-Easy Crockpot Carmel recipe.

Too busy to plan your feast in advance? Bookmark our Thanksgiving Tips for the Procrastinator and Last Minute Thanksgiving Menu Items. At Shea Homes, we value these memorable moments with our family and friends, and we hope these tips and ideas will help make your season sensational!

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