Did you know that over six thousand Americans abuse prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them for the first time every day? About one-third of these people are teens, ages 12-17, according the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).

As a family-owned business, Shea Homes Arizona strives to always put family first by building safe and secure homes. Now, Shea Homes Arizona and RxArmory are partnering up to include one RxArmory medicine safe in every new Shea Home.

Shea homebuyers have the option to choose to have the RxArmory installed in an existing cabinet in the master bathroom or the kitchen, the two most common places Americans store prescription medication.

RxArmory comes in two sizes: family size and personal size. It requires no tools for installation, and once it is mounted, it cannot be removed. RxArmory is constructed with a polycarbonate material with a reinforced structural rib to increase durability and security and has a secure 4-digit combination cam lock and also a key.

rxarmory2RxArmory was developed to help promote a healthy lifestyle and deter people from abusing prescription medicine, a serious epidemic within the United States. As Shea Homes Arizona continues to evolve its homes with the most up-to-date safety features on the market, RxArmory provides a strategic environmental solution, protecting our kids by eliminating the risk of “availability.”

“I truly feel that Shea Homes are a triple threat, offering three important components that our customers are conscious of: aesthetics, functionality, and most of all, safety,” said Ken Peterson VP of Sales and Marketing at Shea Homes Arizona.

At Shea Homes, we believe in the safety and security of the home and agree with RxArmory that everyone has a responsibility to safeguard their medicines and protect children from gaining access to potentially harmful prescription medications.

Have questions about RxArmory? Visit www.rxarmory.com to learn more.

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