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Summer Events in Orange County

by Shea Homes Southern California on June 27, 2017


When summer comes to town, our beautiful home of Orange County comes alive. From art shows and festivals, to exploring new places untouched, the four-month marathon of balmy temps and sunshine makes for a perfect place to be this season! Not only will you love living in your beautiful new Shea Home here in one of our several SoCal locations, your family will also have plenty to see and do no matter where you are. Take a peek at what’s coming up in your neck of the woods!

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Bringing Fall to Southern California!

by Shea Homes Southern California on November 6, 2015

When you’re a resident of Southern California, the weather is pretty much perfect 24/7. Constant sunshine (except for a few spurts of rain here and there), warm temperatures in the winter time when we should be wearing hoodies and parkas, and zero use of the fireplace that’s just collecting dust.

Of course it’s fabulous having such nice weather all the time, but when Fall comes around, us SoCal natives can’t help but yearn for the changing of leaves and feel the urge to wrap up in a snuggie next to a crackling fire. If you’re feeling the Fall blues, we have 6 easy tips on how to bring your favorite season to Southern California!

Blankets – It may be too warm outside to even fathom wrapping up in a blanket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull them out of the closet and make your living room feel like it’s gearing up for a winter storm! And of course there’s always the air-conditioning to put a little chill in the air.

Candles – Ahh the scents of Fall are like no other. Apple cider, pumpkin pie, cinnamon and pine. Fill your house with these glorious fragrances by lighting some of your favorite autumn-ey scented candles! You’ll instantly be transported to a cozy, snuggly, magical place.  


Faux Fireplace – Have you been longing to read a book with a warm fire burning in the background? If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, a very quick and effective trick is to search “fireplaces” on YouTube! There are some great videos on there with fabulous crackling sounds and everything! Have this playing in the background whilst sipping some hot cocoa and it’s just like having the real thing.



Yummy Foods – Bake all of your favorite foods that remind you of Fall. Not only will your house smell amazing, your taste buds will be extremely happy!



Pumpkin Decor – Nothing shouts Fall like the beautiful sight of pumpkins. Pumpkin centerpieces, pumpkin table cloths, pumpkin runners, pumpkin dishes…. just make your home pumpkin happy!


Leaves – Seeing the leaves change color is a huge reason why we all love this time of year so much. We may not live in a place where this happens as boldly and beautifully as other parts of the world, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the colorful, crunchiness of Fall leaves! Just buy a plethora of leafy decor, as well as sticks, and create your own Autumn wonderland!

We hope these tips cure your Fall envy and that you enjoy the wonderful season ahead!


Brea Community Kicks Off Summer Film Festival

by Shea Homes Southen California on July 8, 2014


Do you know all the lyrics to “Let It Go”? Of course you do. Maybe you’ve got a Disney-loving daughter, or maybe you’ve watched it on your own for the fifteenth time long after the kids have gone to bed.  Either way, we’re right there with you. In SoCal, the cold never bothered us anyway, mainly because it never bothers to get cold. Thankfully we have summer nights filled with outdoor events befitting of Olaf’s wildest dreams.  Residents of Blackstone looking for entertainment outside of the home have to go no further than the Arovista Park Amphitheatre.  Brea’s Family Film Nights are back and set for every Friday from July 11th until August 15th, kicking off with (you guessed it) Frozen!

Movie-goers of all ages are welcome to watch the newest blockbusters and the best classics for free. There will be free raffle prizes for kids and refreshments for sale if you’re in need of some movie munchies. Showtime is at 8pm!

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Shea Homes’ Blackstone community is an amazing place to raise kids and expand a fun-filled family.  Explore our Coral Ridge and Emerald Heights models and see what floor plan is a custom fit for your family!

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Join in on the Fun at Sendero

by Shea Homes Southen California on June 17, 2014

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Southern California is a beacon for outdoor activity.  With sunny days year-round and temperate nights in the summertime, the locals know how lucky we are to live where the mountains, beach and desert all provide nearby settings for adventure.  When building the Sendero townhomes, Shea Homes kept the SoCal spirit close to heart.  Placed within the master planned community of Rancho Mission Viejo, residents enjoy an abundance of features just beyond their front door.

Whether you have young kids to wrangle or a competitive significant other, the Ranch House is the central place to entertain and engage in some competitive fun.   With a splash zone, pool, gym, putting green and bocce ball courts, it’s easy to start a game and get moving with your family and neighbors.  If you’re looking to relax, the fire pit, spas, cabanas and hammock garden are all prime spots to read a book or hang out with friends.

The townhomes at Sendero are perfect for families interested in building active, healthy lives. Our two-story floor plans include 3-4 bedrooms and plenty of space to unwind inside after a day full of hiking, biking or surfing down at the beach.  The transition from outdoor excitement to indoor comfort is seamless, and our open floor plans give you a spacious place to call your own.

If you’re interested in our newest Rancho Mission Viejo community, check out our website for further information. We’d love to hear from you, so follow us on Facebook and leave a comment below!

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Brookland at Baker Ranch: Where Adventure Inspires Innovation

June 11, 2014

Definition of adventure (n) ad·ven·ture [ əd vénchər ] exciting experience: an exciting or extraordinary event or series of events bold undertaking: an undertaking involving uncertainty and risk involvement in bold undertakings: the participation or willingness to participate in things that involve uncertainty and risk Buying a home is an adventure in every sense of […]

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The Jewel of the Gold Coast Shines Bright

July 10, 2013

  Oxnard, CA is considered to be the “Jewel of the Gold Coast”, with its shining facets reflecting miles of coast line and an abundance of residential and commercial opportunity.  Regarded as the most business-friendly community of Ventura, Oxnard’s reputation for high quality retail and buyer satisfaction has extended its reach to the city’s newest […]

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Parsons Place: an Opportunity to Grow and Thrive

July 8, 2013

The Parsons Pink China Rose is known for blooming repeatedly throughout the year, constantly renewing its beauty and never fading with age.  Our newest community, Parsons Place, was named after the flower to reflect the flourishing community and the beauty of growth within a home.  Azusa, CA, a wonderfully temperate city nestled against the San Gabriel […]

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