Shea Homes: A Homebuilder that Cares

by Shea Homes Arizona on May 29, 2014

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with Shea Homes to build a home? Check out what our homebuyers are saying about what it’s like to build with Shea! And don’t forget to check out our video testimonials to hear more from real homebuyers about why they love their Shea Home!Capture

“I literally pulled in front of this house without getting out of the car and I said, this is it! Without a doubt. I never looked at another house after that.”

“The minute you walk in the front door, it’s just wide open. It’s very livable—it’s just refreshing.”

“Our kitchen is a cooks dream come true.”

“It felt like we were supposed to be there. You’ve got the house of your dreams. You’ve got the great room you want. You’ve got the kitchen you want. The bedrooms are great.”

“We have space for everybody. We have four kids. We have space for everybody plus a guest suite for my mom.”

“I noticed when my wife and I walked into the model that we ended up buying was how spacious and open the floor plan was right when we opened the door.”

“The journey with the team in Marbella was fabulous! You couldn’t ask for a more professional yet kind hearted team. My Christmas card list just grew because of the friendships that were developed with the sales staff and the superintendents.”

“It had a huge loft upstairs, and we looked at that in terms of livability, and that was practical in terms of these guys [gesturing towards kids] because it’s a game room upstairs, it’s a play room, it’s a media room, it’s a theater room—it’s everything we could want.”

What are you looking for in a home and a home builder? Come and visit us at any of our communities to see if Shea Homes AZ fits the bill for your dream home and dream experience building it!

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