Say goodbye to cookie cutter homes

by Shea Homes Arizona on December 13, 2013

1Have you ever looked for a new home and been disappointed when all of the houses in a neighborhood are just a slight permutation of one design?

Shea Homes knows that homeowners want to live in a real community that looks and feels distinctive—one where every home is unique.  In Shea communities, houses don’t come out of cookie-cutters.

We use a building technique called Five-Sided Architecture.  This approach to building takes into account your desire to have a truly distinct home.  Instead of relying on varied color schemes alone, Shea uses architectural differences to achieve the uniqueness homeowners are looking for.  Exterior surfaces such as the back porch, front door, and even the roof are designed so their appearance is distinct from those of the surrounding houses.

So, whether you’re looking at your home from down the street or from your neighbor’s backyard, our superior architecture and design are extraordinary – and obvious – from any angle.

For more information on Five Sided Architecture, check our our video on YouTube http://youtu.be/ENIwxQhDqLA.

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