Shea Homes Arizona and USAA are teaming up to help families through a relocation program called MoversAdvantage.

USAA, the leading financial service provider for the military and their families, has 10 million members and counting with 25% of those members moving every single year. The MoversAdvantage program offers rebates and help to USAA members who are looking to buy or sell a home. A Certified Relocation Agent through the MoversAdvantage program, matches USAA members with a local real estate agent who understands the unique needs of their families.

Now, the partnership with Shea Homes Arizona and MoversAdvantage gives USAA members the added benefit of buying a new home through the relocation program.  With USAA’s experience helping their members through buying, selling, financing, and protecting their residential property and Shea Homes’ highly ranked Arizona communities, this joint effort will assist military families to build a house they can make their home.

This partnership will help create a smooth transition while their home is being built, reducing the stress on soldiers finding a home for their families. Shea Homes builds communities throughout Arizona with desirable options and features, while giving the families plenty to do in or around the neighborhood. With Shea Homes’ new Shea3D communities, families can build homes with a floor plan and living space that matches their lifestyle. Based on the family’s needs and routines, Shea Homes is able to build a house around the family.

To participate in this opportunity, join USAA to reap the benefits of MoversAdvantage, and start exploring communities through Shea Homes today! The union of these two wonderful companies will bring an even greater union in your own family.